GRAPEVINE, Texas, March 24, 2014 –Today Rand McNally announced that it has signed an agreement with Drivewyze Inc. to provide the Drivewyze “PreClear” weigh station bypass service for Rand McNally’s suite of mobile fleet management devices. The Drivewyze PreClear service enables commercial truck drivers to clear weigh station requirements before reaching a location, thereby deferring stops and bypassing weigh stations up to 98% of the time depending on the operator’s safety score1.

As a truck approaches a weigh station, safety-related data are communicated in real-time. If the vehicle is not flagged for any service, safety or tax liability issues, the vehicle may be given a bypass and allowed to proceed along its route, reducing weigh station overcrowding and saving the driver time, fuel, and money.

Each bypass saves a fleet approximately $8.68 according to a study by FMSCA.  Fleets or owner operators using the service on average receive a 50% bypass rate with the safest fleets achieving a 98% bypass rate.

“We continue to seek market-leading technology partners to extend the value proposition of our mobile communications devices,” said Jim Rodi, Senior Vice President, Mobile Communications Group, Rand McNally. “The Drivewyze PreClear system drives efficiencies for our customers as well as the entire transportation infrastructure by allowing compliant vehicles to reduce unnecessary time spent at weigh stations.”

Using cellular service from Rand McNally’s HD 100, TND™ 760, and TND™ 720 devices, the Drivewyze PreClear subscription service will notify drivers two miles out from an impending permanent weigh station or temporary inspection site. Based on the standards set by state law enforcement, drivers will receive permission one mile out to either bypass or pull into the station. This allows state inspectors to focus their attention on the potentially hazardous fleets and drivers while allowing those who are compliant to proceed through to their destinations.

“Drivewyze PreClear is the first weigh station bypass solution that directly integrates with existing in-vehicle technology. There’s no need to deal with the hassles of additional hardware,” said Brian Heath, President and CEO, Drivewyze. “Now Rand McNally’s customers can leverage the technology they’ve already invested in to achieve additional efficiencies and savings from the revolutionary TND™ and HD 100 technology.”

As of mid-March 2014, PreClear is available for bypass at 272 locations in 20 states. Heath said that Drivewyze is aiming for full U.S. coverage in 2014.

Available to Rand McNally’s existing customers, PreClear will be delivered via an over-the-air software download; new customers will have PreClear capabilities loaded on device at time of shipment. The PreClear functionality will be made available with a monthly subscription fee program.

For more information on Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management services, call 1-800-789-6277 or visit

1 Drivewyze, Inc.


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