Storing Map Data on Devices Provides Big Benefits for Drivers

Offline navigation for truck drivers can be invaluable. When you’re out on the road without service or limited data coverage, that’s when you need your maps the most.

Downloading offline maps offers many advantages to both fleet and driver. Instead of waiting for maps to download over the data network, drivers can have their stops and routes optimized without giving a second thought to spotty service.

Offline maps also provide immense cost saving measures. GPS navigation systems that require online map data can easily consume half a MB of data per mile, per truck. In addition to cutting data costs, offline maps cut down on the amount of time a driver gets lost and has to spend on fuel and time getting back on the right route. This can also help decrease the risk of accidents, fines, and negative impact on Driver Safety scoring systems (CSA scores, for example) due to slow map data downloads.

You can learn more about the benefits of offline navigation here.

Powered by industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific routing, CoPilot Truck offers truck-specific  GPS navigation for your Android or iOS device with reliable offline maps.  The maps are stored directly on-board your device for easy and dependable routing to your destination. CoPilot Truck’s routing software also uses the device’s processor to bring you fast, automatic re-route calculation.

CoPilot Truck, available for Android and iOS, comes equipped with tons of advanced navigation features.

Play the video and see for yourself: