BigRoad: E-Logs Made Easy

All drivers know that trucking is one of the most regulated industries in North America. With so many rules, it can be difficult to stay compliant – particularly when it comes to Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.

The FMCSA’s HOS regulations are designed to keep fatigued drivers off the roads and ensure that drivers get the required amount of sleep between trips. Drivers are required to keep track of their HOS and manually log how much time they spend on the road. These rules can cause a lot of confusion as they are constantly changing and vary greatly from state-to-state.

Interested in an easier and more efficient way to stay compliant? Look no further – our new friend BigRoad is here to help!

Drive wise BigRoad

Founded in 2011, BigRoad was built to help drivers easily create error-free electronic logs. Today, BigRoad has a whopping 160,000 downloads, and the free app has quickly become the #1 trucker app for Android and Apple devices.

The free BigRoad app is great for individual drivers as it helps navigate the often-confusing HOS regulations and simplifies the monumental task of maintaining accurate and compliant driver logs. BigRoad helps drivers create and edit electronic logs, generate DVIR’s and track HOS.

BigRoad is a cost-effective alternative to expensive telematics implementations used by large fleets. By taking advantage of the technology built into the driver’s mobile device, BigRoad automatically tracks route, mileage and time spent driving. The app will warn the driver when they’re at risk of breaking HOS regulations. The app also warns drivers if they have any form and manner issues and if their electronic logs are missing a signature.

BigRoad creates electronic logs that meet FMCSA guidelines. In the event of roadside inspections, the app allows drivers to quickly present their logs through an on-screen inspection mode, alternatively, they can email, fax or print them on the spot. Drivers can pass inspections with the confidence of knowing that their logs are presentable to DOT officers.

Drivers also have access to all the past logs they have created in an online archive. In addition, they can download and save their logs for future auditing purposes.

Fleet Adoption

BigRoad also aids fleet managers and owner-operators by giving them instant access to an array of critical vehicle and driver status data. Currently, over 1000 companies manage their fleets with BigRoad because of these benefits:

•    State mileage reporting
•    Live driver log updates
•    DVIR managementbigroad logo
•    Document capture and storage
•    Real-time truck tracking
•    In-fleet messaging
•    Route history/stop report
•    HOS availability summary
•    Secure hosting and database
•    Data archived for 6 months per DOT regulations

This web-based solution is available for $15 per user/month. Fleet owners and owner-operators have access to a 30-day free trial. When the trial ends, there is no obligation to pay and drivers can continue to use BigRoad for their own day-to-day work indefinitely.

Excitement for this user-friendly app has spread like wildfire. With its exceptional growth, BigRoad will always work to keep the best interest of truckers at the forefront. Don’t believe us? Check out BigRoad’s 4.6 star ranking on the app stores. BigRoad truly aims to please!

Drivers can download the BigRoad Android app at the Google Play Store, while BigRoad iOS is available from the Apple App Store.

Next Steps

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