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Drivewyze Weigh Station Coverage Map in Tennessee

Site Coverage List

Aberdeen Hwy-12 NAMobile
Beresford I-29 SBMobile
Blunt Hwy-14/Rte-83 EBFixed
Blunt Hwy-14/Rte-83 SBFixed
Blunt Hwy-14/Rte-83 WBFixed
Buffalo Hwy-85 NAMobile
Canton Hwy-18 WBMobile
Chamberlain Rest Area I-90 NAMobile
Corsica Hwy-281 NAMobile
Corson Hwy-11 NAMobile
Faulkton Hwy-212 NAMobile
Frederick Hwy-281 NAMobile
Gettysburg Hwy-212 NAMobile
Jefferson I-29 NBFixed
Jefferson I-29 SBMobile
Lemmon Hwy-12 NAMobile
MM 1 Hwy-19 EBMobile1
MM 102/103 I-29 NBMobile
MM 102/103 I-29 SBMobile
MM 129 I-90 EBMobile
MM 160 I-29 NBMobile
MM 187/189 I-90 EBMobile
MM 187/189 I-90 WBMobile
MM 194/195 I-90 EBMobile
MM 194/195 I-90 WBMobile
MM 213 I-29 NBMobile
MM 327 Hwy-10 EBMobile
MM 354 US-212 EBMobile
MM 373 Hwy-20 NAMobile
MM 41 I-90 WBMobile
MM 6 Hwy-212 NAMobile
MM 69 I-90 EBMobile
MM 69 I-90 WBMobile
MM 99 I-90 WBMobile
MP 1 I-90 EBMobile
MP 244 US-18 NAMobile
MP 44 US-83 NBMobile
Meckling Hwy-50 EBMobile
Midway Hwy-46 NAMobile
Milbank Hwy-12 NAMobile
Miller Hwy-45 SBMobile
Phillip Hwy-73 NAMobile
Plankinton Hwy-281 NAMobile
Rapid City Catron Blvd EBMobile
Rapid City Catron Blvd NBFixed
Rapid City Catron Blvd SBMobile
Rapid City Catron Blvd WBMobile
Redfield Hwy-281 SBMobile
Riverside I-90 EBMobile
Riverside I-90 WBMobile
Rowena Hwy-42 NAMobile
Salem Rest Area I-90 EBMobile
Salem Rest Area I-90 WBMobile
Selby Hwy-83 NAMobile
Sioux Falls I-90 EBMobile
Sioux Falls I-90 WBFixed
Sisseton I-29 SBFixed
Stanley Corner US-81 NAMobile
Tilford I-90 EBFixed
Tindell Hwy-50 NAMobile
Vivian Hwy-248 NAMobile
Volga Hwy-14 WBMobile
Webster Hwy-12 EBMobile
White Lake I-90 EBMobile
White Lake I-90 WBMobile
Wolsey Hwy-281 NAMobile
Woonsocket Hwy-37 NAMobile

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