Notifications at Drivewyze Sites

At all sites, you will receive heads up notifications at 2-miles and 1-mile. Drivewyze bypass sites are indicated with bypass supported text and a blue banner.

You will then receive one of three driving instructions.

Follow these messages to stay legal.

Notifications at Non-Drivewyze Sites

At sites not participating in the Drivewyze Program, you will receive the following notifications:

2-mile and 1-mile heads-up alerts indicated as Non-Drivewyze.

You will then receive a driving instruction to Follow Road Signs.

Recall Last Driving Instructions

You may be asked by law enforcement to show your most recent instruction, to verify you received a legal bypass.

  1. Go to Drivewyze from the Main Menu or Dashboard
  2. Tap on the Drivewyze Icon
  3. Tap on the recall icon to display the previous instruction
Bypass Florida Agriculture Inspection Sites

If your fleet has opted into the Florida Ag bypass program, you may receive a conditional bypass.

Bypass unless hauling: refrigerated loads, agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, or livestock.

How Drivewyze PreClear Works on XRS

Additional Resources

Drivewyze PreClear Bypass Restrictions

Some vehicles are restricted from receiving bypasses and must pull-in when hauling in certain states.


Drivewyze Free and Safety+ Driver Guide

In addition to bypasses, Drivewyze offers in-cab alerts before potential hazards en route. Find out how these alerts are shown on your device.