Efficient inspections that save time and improve safety scores

Cut down inspection times and reduce driver workload with digital inspections. Save time and get your drivers home sooner.


Make inspections more efficient with automation

Level VIII inspections automate the inspection process, allowing drivers to stay in motion and keep traffic flowing. While expedited inspections automate critical parts of the process, cutting inspection times from 30+ minutes down to a few minutes. Regardless of the inspection type, this new efficiency comes without sacrificing accuracy, and participation can help maintain or improve your fleet’s CSA scores.

Minimize inspection time

Say goodbye to lengthy stops at inspection stations with expedited inspection processes. And with Level VIII, you won’t need to stop at all.

Increase compliance scores

By ensuring accurate information during inspections, fleets can improve their Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores.

Enhanced driver experience

Reduce the strain on drivers by automating data handling for less paperwork and fewer errors. Keep drivers focused and reduce their stress.

Speed and precision at every step of the inspection process

Still require a pull-in? With expedited inspections, the process is quicker and smarter. By digitizing each step, from the 2-mile notification to inspection completion, officers can focus on what’s essential. Drivers benefit from automated log transfers, while officers get pre-filled reports.

Easy data transfer between vehicles and enforcement agencies

Logs are sent automatically to the inspection site when an e-Inspection begins. Reports are pre-filled and inspections pass with ease.

Expanding coverage for enhanced compliance

Electronic inspections are now live in North America, with an ever-increasing number of states gearing towards nationwide roadside compliance.

Quicker inspection turnarounds

In states with e-Inspection, fleets enjoy faster inspection processes, keeping drivers on schedule.

Collaborative effort with state agencies

Drivewyze is working with state agencies to bring the benefits of the e-inspection program to more locations.

Accelerated adoption nationwide

The adoption of e-inspection is on the rise, promising a future of more efficient roadside compliance nationwide.

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Cut down inspection times and reduce driver workload with digital inspections. Save time and get your drivers back on the road faster.