Free safety alerts for commercial fleets

Proactive in-cab safety alerts and advisories that give drivers the critical info they need at the right moment to mitigate safety incidents.

All at no cost and available on all major ELD providers.


Essential alerts & advisories – exclusive to Drivewyze Free

Commercial driving is hard. Roads are unpredictable. Traffic is a headache. Drivewyze Free helps by sending proactive alerts and advisories to your in-cab devices. No extra equipment needed.


Actionable alerts that make an impact

70% of drivers reduce speed after receiving our ‘Work Zone Ahead’ alerts.

Customized for commercial drivers

Benefit from alerts that are tailored for the routes and challenges unique to commercial driving.

Works with your existing in-cab devices

Deliver critical safety information directly to your drivers, with no extra equipment required.

See Drivewyze Free in action

Drivewyze Free provides crucial, in-the-moment safety alerts to drivers on the move.

North America’s only free safety service for commercial vehicles

Made possible by our exclusive relationships with state and regional agencies and trusted data sources. Drivewyze Free offers critical safety alerts that reduce the risk of accidents without any fees.

High Rollover

Drivers are notified when approaching areas with significant rollover history.

Low Bridge

Drivers are alerted 1-2 blocks before low bridges with location-specific clearance.

Drivewyze does not alert for every low bridge or overhead object and does not include alerts to bridges on non-truck routes.

Runaway Ramp

Drivers are notified when approaching a location where a truck escape ramp is available

Steep Grade Ahead

Drivers are alerted of upcoming roads with 5% grade declines or higher.

Brake Check

Site-specific alerts when approaching areas where drivers should check their brakes.

Rest Area

Drivers receive real-time information on areas experiencing stationary traffic. These make it easier to find a safe place to park, with information on open lots with stalls.

Sudden Slowdown

Drivers receive real-time information on areas experiencing stationary traffic.

Public Service Alerts

Public service alerts. Notifications that are sponsored by a state’s Department of
Transportation (DOT) or other Government organizations participating in the Smart Roadways program.

Active Work Zones

Drivers are alerted when approaching a work zone or lane closure.

Enhance your safety program with Premium Alerts

Mitigate your fleet’s exposure to weather hazards, cargo theft, speed violations, and other operational risks.

Onboard Safety+ and upgrade your safety program.


Drivewyze Hub integration

See how your fleet’s safety program stacks up against others on Drivewyze Hub.

See the impact of alerts on driver behavior in Drivewyze Hub – a centralized platform for fleet managers.

Frequently asked questions

Why use Drivewyze Free when similar services exist in navigation systems?

Drivewyze Free provides exclusive, state-sponsored alerts that are not available on standard navigation systems. Our service is specifically designed for commercial vehicles and includes critical safety alerts tailored to the unique challenges of commercial driving.

Drivewyze alerts, created with safety partners, focus on high-risk zones and speeding citation areas. Agency-sponsored alerts are exclusive alerts provided by the state Department of Transportation (DOT) through our Smart Roadways program. Both are key components of Drivewyze Free.

No, Drivewyze Free is compatible with a wide range of ELD devices and telematics hardware commonly used in the commercial trucking industry. Visit our partners page for more information on compatibility with your existing ELD devices.

Drivewyze Free is completely free. There are no hidden fees. It’s designed to enhance road safety without imposing costs on the users. For fleets seeking enhanced safety features, our premium service Safety+ offers proactive, location-based in-cab coaching to prevent safety incidents and includes full access to the Drivewyze Hub for comprehensive driver coaching solutions.

We are committed to providing Drivewyze Free as an ongoing service to support the safety and efficiency of the commercial driving industry.

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With essential and exclusive safety alerts, Drivewyze Free can help improve safety outcomes for your fleet.