Safety Alerts & Advisories

  • Agency-Sponsored Alerts – Exclusive to Drivewyze and sponsored by state Department of Transportation (DOTs) through our Smart Roadways program. These real-time alerts are provided to fleets and drivers as part of the Drivewyze Free Essential Alerts and Advisories.
  • Drivewyze Curated Alerts – We work with safety partners and carriers to identify high-risk zones, known hazards and high-speed citation areas. These alerts are included as part of the Drivewyze Free Essential Alerts and Advisories.
  • Premium Safety Alerts – Severe Weather, Speeding Zones, High Cargo Theft Zones and customizable alerts, provided as part of the premium Safety+ service.
AlertsEssential Alerts & Advisories
(Available with Drivewyze Free)
Premium Alerts & Advisories
(Available with Drivewyze Safety+)
Sudden SlowdownDrivers receive real-time alerts using speed data on areas where sudden slowdowns occur.
CongestionDrivers receive real-time information on areas experiencing more than usual traffic.
Steep GradeDrivers are alerted of upcoming roads with 5% grade declines or higher.
Work ZoneDrivers are alerted when approaching a work zone or lane closure.
Service VehicleAlerts of service vehicles that have stopped and are working on roads ahead of them.
Brake CheckSite-specific alerts when approaching areas where they should check their brakes.
Public Service and Agency Virtual SignCritical public safety alerts for drivers that are sponsored by a state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) or other Municipal Government organizations participating in the Smart Roadways program.
Low BridgeAlerts drivers 1-2 blocks before low bridges, with location-specific clearance. Our low bridge alerts give drivers the notice they need to avoid costly impacts.
RolloverDrivers are notified when approaching areas with significant rollover history.
Runaway RampDrivers are notified when approaching a location where a truck escape ramp is available.
Rest AreaDrivers are provided parking space availability at rest areas and other parking centers. The rest area alerts make it easier to find a safe place to park, with information on open lots with stalls.
Real-Time Cargo Theft AlertsPrevent cargo theft. Alert drivers when they are entering high risk areas, as identified by CargoNet®. Our up-to-date and location-based cargo theft alerts help drivers stay safe in unfamiliar areas.
Speed AlertsReduce citations. Drivers are alerted on nearly 500 locations where speeding violations commonly occur. Our speed alerts are proven to reduce over-speeding events in these critical locations.
Severe Weather AlertsAvoid inclement weather. These in-cab notifications alert drivers as they approach potentially dangerous weather or poor road conditions. Our severe weather alerts give drivers more notice to slow down, alter routes, or pull over when required.
Custom AlertsCoach your drivers. Whether it’s reminding drivers of protocols at a depot, how to maneuver in a yard with limited room, or safe driving practices, it’s easy to communicate what you desire with our location-based custom alerts.