Weigh Station Site Coverage List

Baxter Hwy-2 NAAgricultural
Branford Hwy-27 EBAgricultural
Branford Hwy-27 WBAgricultural
Day CR-250 EBAgricultural
Day CR-250 WBAgricultural
Ellaville US-90 EBAgricultural
Ellaville US-90 WBAgricultural
Fanning Springs US-19 NBAgricultural
Fanning Springs US-19 SBAgricultural
Flagler I-95 NBFixed
Flagler I-95 SBFixed
Interstate 10 I-10 EBAgricultural
Interstate 10 I-10 WBAgricultural
Interstate 10 West I-10 EBAgricultural
Interstate 75 I-75 NBAgricultural
Interstate 75 I-75 SBAgricultural
Interstate 95 I-95 NBAgricultural
Interstate 95 I-95 SBAgricultural
Lake City US-441 NBAgricultural
Lake City US-441 SBAgricultural
Luraville Hwy-51 NBAgricultural
Luraville Hwy-51 SBAgricultural
Macclenny SR-121 NBAgricultural
Macclenny SR-121 SBAgricultural
Madison I-10 EBFixed
Madison I-10 WBFixed
Martin I-95 NBFixed
Nobles Ferry SR-751 NBAgricultural
Nobles Ferry SR-751 SBAgricultural
Pensacola I-10 EBFixed
Pensacola I-10 WBFixed
Punta Gorda I-75 NBFixed
Punta Gorda I-75 SBFixed
Rock Bluff Hwy-340 EBAgricultural
Rock Bluff Hwy-340 WBAgricultural
Seffner I-4 EBFixed
Seffner I-4 WBFixed
St George Hwy-2 EBAgricultural
St George Hwy-2 WBAgricultural
Suwannee Springs US-129 NBAgricultural
Suwannee Springs US-129 SBAgricultural
White Springs US-41 NBAgricultural
White Springs US-41 SBAgricultural
White Springs 2 SR-136 EBAgricultural
White Springs 2 SR-136 WBAgricultural
Wildwood I-75 NBFixed
Wildwood I-75 SBFixed
Yulee I-95 NBFixed
Yulee I-95 SBFixed
Yulee US-17 NBAgricultural
Yulee US-17 SBAgricultural

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