Texas Weigh Station Site Coverage List

SiteSite TypeMile Marker
Abernathy I-27 NBFixed24
Abernathy I-27 SBFixed24
Centerville I-45 SBFixed
Childress US-287 NBFixed230
Childress US-287 SBFixed
Devine I-35 NBFixed119
Devine I-35 SBFixed119
Falfurrias US-281 NBFixed
Falfurrias US-281 SBFixed714
Mt Pleasant I-30 EBFixed158
Mt Pleasant I-30 WBFixed158
New Waverly I-45 NBFixed101
Penwell I-20 EBFixed104
Queen City US-59 NBFixed232
Refugio US-77 NBFixed624
Riviera US-77 NBFixed
San Marcos I-35 SBFixed209
Seguin I-10 EBFixed616
Seguin I-10 WBFixed616
Three Rivers I-37 NBFixed74
Three Rivers I-37 SBFixed75

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