Drivewyze Safety+

Library of Alerts


We work with government agencies and carriers to identify critical locations across North America and actively curate a proprietary library of alerts that prevents incidents by ensuring that drivers have the time and information they need to safely respond to the road ahead.


Rollover Alerts

Prevent rollovers. These in-cab notifications alert drivers 1000 feet before curves and intersections with significant rollover history. Our rollover alerts are proven to reduce speed before locations known for rollovers.

Real-Time Congestion Alerts

Avoid harsh braking. With these in-cab notifications drivers receive real-time alerts before congested traffic and where sudden slowdowns occur. Our congestion alerts give drivers more time to slow down, safely.

Mountain Corridor Alerts

Stay safe on mountain roads. With these alerts drivers are shown site-specific advisories, including speed and lane usage, in mountain corridors. Our mountain corridor alerts keep drivers safe in critical moments.

Low Bridge Alerts

Stop bridge strikes. These in-cab notifications alert drivers 1-2 blocks before low bridges, with location-specific clearance. Our low bridge alerts give drivers the notice they need to avoid costly impacts.

Rest Area Alerts

Find safe parking. With these alerts drivers are shown real-time parking space availability at rest areas and other parking centers. Our rest area alerts make it easier to find a safe place to park, with info on open lots with stalls.

Real-Time Cargo Theft Alerts

Prevent cargo theft. These in-cab notifications alert drivers when they are entering high risk areas, as identified by CargoNet®. Our up-to-date and location-based cargo theft alerts help drivers stay safe in unfamiliar areas.

Speed Alerts

Reduce citations. With these in-cab notifications drivers are alerted where speeding violations happen most frequently. Our speed alerts are proven to reduce over-speeding events in these critical locations.

Custom Alerts

Coach your drivers. Whether it’s reminding drivers of protocols at a depot, how to maneuver in a yard with limited room, or safe driving practices, it’s easy to communicate what you desire with our location-based custom alerts.

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