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Drivewyze vs PrePass® Comparison

If you’re considering investing in a scale bypass service for yourself or for your fleet, it makes sense that you’d want to compare services.

But what should you be looking for in a bypass service, and what options are available?

To help you more easily compare the Drivewyze and transponder based (traditional) PrePass® weigh station bypass services, we’ve created a handy chart so you can choose the service that’s best for you:

Bypass Program Comparison

Drivewyze PrePass®
Participating States (W/Canadian Provinces)*
47 40
Florida Agriculture Bypass Sites  36  7
Bypasses Available at Mobile Inspection Sites  Yes  Yes
Bypasses Available at Weigh in Motion (WIM) Scales  Yes  Yes
Service Integrated into Telematics Devices (ELDs)
(See a full list here)
 Yes  No
GPS – Based Business Intelligence Reporting (for fleets)  Yes  No
Heads up Notifications at all Sites  Yes  No
Hands Free, FMCSA Approved  Yes  Yes

Try Before you Buy

 Yes Yes

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Program Coverage

Compared to PrePass®, the Drivewyze service is active in more states, and provides bypasses at almost double the sites. This is because:

  • Drivewyze provides bypasses at fixed and mobile sites, while PrePass® transponders only offer bypasses at fixed sites
  • Drivewyze uses geofence technology, which means the service doesn’t require costly transponder reader infrastructure like traditional PrePass® does. Geofencing allows Drivewyze to set up new sites within minutes, instead of months.
  • Drivewyze has 29 more agricultural sites than the traditional PrePass® service

Drivewyze is the only weigh station bypass service available in ME, MA, NV, NH, RI,VT. However, it is not yet available in all states. You can view the Drivewyze coverage map here:

Modern Technology Integration vs. Transponders

The hardware for Drivewyze and traditional PrePass® are very different.

The traditional PrePass® service uses dated transponder technology. A transponder is a device that sticks onto the windshield of your truck(s). In order to receive a bypass, drivers must be in the right hand lane and drive under a transponder reader pole. Transponders will let the driver know if they received a bypass by showing a small green light, or show a small red light if the driver has to pull in. Lost or stolen transponders cost up to $100 each to replace, and often fleets have to make routine transponder purchases and manage these devices.

Drivewyze uses modern technology, and transforms mobile devices into ‘smart transponders’ through the use of GPS and cellular service. In 2013, the FMCSA announced that Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) network devices (such as smartphones, or telematics devices) could be used as transponders for weigh station bypass services. Click here to read the announcement. This means that Drivewyze can legally provide bypasses to drivers via their smartphone, tablet, or telematics devices (ELDs). Drivewyze is currently integrated into a variety of different telematics device (ELD) providers:

Drivers don’t need to be in the right hand lane to bypass, because the Drivewyze service doesn’t require transponder readers to function. This means drivers won’t need to make any sudden lane changes. If the driver receives a bypass, Drivewyze will show a large green Bypass screen. If the driver has to pull-in, Drivewyze will show a large ‘Pull In Unless Closed’ screen – which means pull in if open, or keep driving if the station is closed. Because Drivewyze is integrated into existing in-cab devices, there are no additional hardware costs or hassles.

Driver Safety

When it comes to driver safety, both Drivewyze and PrePass® are legal, hands free and safe to use while driving. Both programs are easy to use and understand.

Unlike PrePass® transponders, Drivewyze has the ability to show different screens on mobile phones, tablets or telematics devices (ELDs). Because of this, Drivewyze offers “Heads Up” notifications. These alerts warn drivers of all upcoming weigh stations across the USA – even those that aren’t participating in the Drivewyze service. This way, drivers will always be prepared, and accidental scale bypasses become a thing of the past.

Business Intelligence Reporting

PrePass® can provide basic reporting to fleets, such as the number of bypasses per month that you are receiving at PrePass® sites.

Drivewyze provides fleets with sophisticated, GPS based reporting. This means you’ll get more data that shows you how much time is being wasted at all weigh stations and inspection sites across the country, not just Drivewyze sites. The data shows you where your trucks are being pulled in the most, and for exactly how long. Drivewyze delivers ongoing monthly ROI reports to customers. Interested in finding out how much your fleet could be saving? Let us show you for free!

Weigh in Motion Scale Integration

Some states require that trucks must be weighed, using a Weigh in Motion (WIM) scale that is embedded in the highway in advance of the weigh station, in order for a truck to receive a bypass. Many sites and states, however, do not require WIM data to provide a bypass. For sites that require WIM scale weight readings, both Drivewyze and PrePass® are able to read the weight from passing trucks and use that information as part of the screening criteria.

What if I Get Pulled Over?

If a driver using traditional PrePass® receives a bypass, the transponder’s green light will flash for 15 minutes after passing the weigh station. If the driver gets pulled over within the 15-minute window, they can show law enforcement their transponder light for validation.

If a driver using Drivewyze receives a bypass, the bypass screen appears until the driver has passed the scale. If a driver gets pulled over, they can use the Recall Feature to re-display the most recent driving instruction they’ve received, along with related location information. Drivers can show the recall screen to law enforcement.

Driver Privacy

Law enforcement is able to see the time and day that a Drivewyze user bypasses or pulls into their stations – just as they can do in person, if you pull in without using Drivewyze. But Drivewyze does not provide law enforcement with any other information, regarding your location or time, in between stations. And it doesn’t have access to or share information regarding a driver’s CDL, medical status or Hours of Service.

Drivewyze uses the best, most secure mobile technology. Here is a promise we make to you:

  • We don’t collect and share driver data.
  • We don’t support mandatory driver data sharing.
  • We don’t provide location tracking info to law enforcement.
  • We protect our customers from prying eyes.

Click here to learn more about how we protect driver privacy.

Screening Rules

Both Drivewyze and PrePass® screen drivers to determine whether they will receive a bypass or not. Some of these screening rules include data such as carrier ISS score, IFTA, registration, etc. Every time a truck requests a bypass, Drivewyze looks this data up in real time.

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