Proactively prevent accidents with Drivewyze Safety+

Proactive Speed Alerts

Warn speeding drivers to slow down in high citation areas.

Parking Alerts

Help drivers find safe parking with real-time parking status.

Custom Safety Zones

Tailor-made alerts that align with your safety initiatives.

Risk Zone Insights

Monitor and respond to driving behavior in high risk areas.

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Smarter Driver Coaching:
In-cab + Back-office

Prevent driver accidents, safety incidents, and citations before they happen.

Safety+ combines customizable in-cab alerts with risk-zone analytics, so fleets can proactively train drivers on the road, and quickly react to risky driving patterns.

Safety+ requires no additional in-cab hardware – it runs on your fleet’s existing ELD system.

Reduce speeding where it matters most

With Proactive Speed Alerts, speeding drivers are alerted to slow down in areas with high truck speeds and frequent citations.  Fleets can even set up their own speed alerts through Custom Safety Zones.

Help drivers find safe parking

Drivers get alerts when they approach a parking area, including the number of parking spots that are currently available.  Alerts are available in 9 states with connected truck parking systems, including : IA, IN, KS, KY, OH, MN, MI, VA, WI.

Build, Distribute & Analyze Custom Safety Alerts

Custom Zone alerts gives you the power to customize location-based notifications for your drivers based on your fleet’s own needs.  Easily deploy location-specific alerts in minutes, not days.

Location Specific | Customizable | On-demand

Create custom alerts with user-friendly geofencing and template tools. Leverage your custom zone data for driver coaching.

Improve safety through actionable insights

Safety+ Risk Zone Insights help fleets proactively reinforce their driver coaching program with new data on how drivers perform in high-risk areas.  Fleets can use Safety+ as a standalone coaching tool through Drivewyze Hub, or integrated with existing safety systems.

  • Monitor trends at a fleet level
  • Identify your best and riskiest performers
  • Identify the riskiest driving areas
  • Analyze behavior in both standard or custom risk zones

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