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PeopleNet ELD Bypass Solution Case Study – USA Truck

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USA Truck, a publicly traded company, provides comprehensive capacity solutions to a broad and diverse customer base throughout North America. USA Truck and USAT Logistics blend an extensive portfolio of asset and assetlight services, offering a balanced approach to supply chain management. USA Truck’s offerings include customized truckload, dedicated contract carriage, intermodal and third-party logistics freight management services.

USA Truck is ranked No. 50 on Transport Topics Top 100 For-Hire Carriers list and serves one-quarter of the Fortune 100 companies in the United States. Today, with approximately 1,750 driving team members, USA Truck is one of the nation’s largest over-the-road truckload carriers.

The Problem

For years USA Truck had provided its drivers a transponder-based weigh station bypass system. Company executives understand that weigh station bypass offers drivers valuable time savings. It allows drivers to leverage the company’s strong safety record and avoid pulling into weigh stations. Since USA Truck drivers are paid by the mile, anything that can help them stay on the road longer means more money in their pockets.

“Our compelling reason to implement a bypass service was to provide our driving team members a benefit that would save valuable time and create an overall better driver experience.”

– Billy Cartright, Senior VP Operations

But while the transponder-based system did provide bypasses, USA Truck found that managing transponders in its 1,750 trucks presented difficult logistical problems to overcome. Often company dispatchers had to route drivers into service facilities in order to resolve issues with the transponders. This created unnecessary driver downtime that negated any benefits of the transponder. Understandably frustrated, drivers would occasionally stuff the device away in glove boxes rather than deal with those issues. This lead to many lost transponders. At a replacement cost of around $100 per transponder, this served to exacerbate the company’s equipment management issues.

USA Truck Truck Driver

The Solution

In Nov. 2015, USA Truck removed the transponders and began full implementation of the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service on all of its trucks, which are equipped with the PeopleNet Fixed Mount Display.4 Onboard Computer Platform.

“Just as we did with our transponder-based weigh station bypass service, we provide Drivewyze free of cost to all our driving team members,” said Martin Tewari, President of USA Truck’s trucking operation. “Because our PeopleNet units already come loaded with the Drivewyze application, we don’t need to manage other equipment. Plus, it’s easy for our drivers to use. All they need to do to activate the service at the start of their shift is log out of their team drivers account using the device’s touchscreen and then log back in with their own credentials. No other requirements are needed from our drivers.”

USA Truck team driver Jodie Yoder explained: “I appreciate Drivewyze’s seamless integration with the PeopleNet device. Drivewyze provides easy-to-comprehend, timely directions without requiring me to interact with the PeopleNet platform.”

“By offering Drivewyze, USA Truck promotes a positive company image for two reasons. First, USA Truck becomes the company known in the trucking industry for offering this bypass service to their drivers at no cost while many others don’t. Second, the bypass rate quickly demonstrates to others that you and your company have a good enough safety record to earn those bypasses.” Yoder said there’s also more tangible reasons why he likes Drivewyze service.

“Not only does Drivewyze save me time through weigh station bypasses, but also it does this more consistently.”  

– Jodie Yoder, USA Truck Team Driver

“The consistent bypasses keep me out of harm’s way by allowing me to stay out of the backed-up traffic in and around weigh stations. The bypasses mean I don’t have to merge back into traffic after leaving the weigh or inspection station. They also reduce fuel consumption and idle time while waiting at weigh stations, which eliminates the stress associated with the weigh station environment.”

Company trainers say Drivewyze also reduces stress on the road for drivers, from rookies to seasoned veterans, by providing them alerts of upcoming weigh stations and inspections sites nationwide. In fact, they consider the  alerts Drivewyze’s best feature. Drivewyze Weigh Station Heads-Up service provides drivers real-time notifications within 2 miles of upcoming stations and sites. This gives drivers ample time to change lanes if they are required to pull in.

The Results

Since activating Drivewyze in November 2015, USA Truck has obtained substantial savings and operational efficiencies.

Avoided 2,500 hours of weigh station delays in the month of June 2016

Savings of more than $1,360,000 over 6 months, from January to June 2016

Returned 12,576 hours of drive time to the operation over a 6-month period, January to June 2016

“Offering Drivewyze will help USA Truck meet its goals for improved productivity and operating expense reduction” – Martin Tewari

“Offering Drivewyze will help USA Truck meet its goals for improved productivity and operating expense reduction,” Tewari concluded.

“But just as important, it will help our company attract and retain the industry’s best drivers because it offers them a benefit that reduces stress and helps keep them on the road so they can go further, earn more money, and get home sooner.”

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