Drivewyze Safety Notifications

Improving Road Safety For All

For Drivers

Drivewyze Safety Notifications reduce the stress and risk of driving on unfamiliar roads.

For Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and state agencies benefit from an overall improvement in driving safety.

For Fleets

Get insight into driver behavior before and after the notification, helping to improve safety scores.

See How Drivewyze Works


How Do Safety Notifications Work?

Alerts are given in high-risk areas across the United States, specifically selected in collaboration with carriers and law enforcement to best reflect true areas of concern. Drivers see alerts for upcoming high-risk areas on the road helping them reduce over speeding in risk areas, and this safety data is added to the fleet’s existing monthly bypass report.

Proven Safety Improvement Tool

Drivewyze has tested and proven the effectiveness of safety notifications in changing driver behavior. The results showed that even in the presence of physical road signs, in-cab driver notifications further reduced unsafe driving.

Get Started with Drivewyze Safety Notifications

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