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Improve awareness and encourage safer driving with in-cab alerts before critical locations across North America.

How Safety Notifications Works

In-Cab Safety Notifications

Drivewyze Safety Notifications are like virtual road signs. When a truck is approaching a potentially hazardous location – like high-risk curves, low bridges, steep grades, or high collision zones – we alert the driver with critical information about road ahead, giving them time to respond safely.

  • Proactively reduce unsafe driving, even in the presence of road signs

  • Reduce driver stress when driving on unfamiliar roads

Proven Impact

Even in the presence of physical road signs, Drivewyze Safety Notifications have helped fleets decrease speeding incidents and encourage safer driving habits. In a two-year study with a major trucking company that involved thousands of trucks, these in-cab alerts were shown to reduce overspeeding events by 17% before key high rollover locations.

Curated Locations

Developed in collaboration with local, state and national transportation and safety agencies, Drivewyze Safety Notifications are carefully curated to make sure your drivers receive alerts when they really matter.

  • Notifications at over 2,500 critical locations across North America

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