Essential in-cab safety alerts and advisories, along with insights to optimize fleet performance, provided to the entire industry at no cost.

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Essential Alerts & Advisories – A New Era for Safety

Drivers don’t need more generic alerts as they are already overwhelmed with in-cab messages today. By carefully selecting our alerts, we are reducing the noise and instead delivering critically high impact messages to drivers.

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Drivewyze Hub – Optimize Fleet Performance

Our data driven insights enable you to benchmark your performance against other fleets. Drivewyze Hub also enables Fleet Managers to easily manage and customize their fleet’s access to Drivewyze’s services including Drivewyze Free.

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Drivewyze Reporting

This feature provides actionable insights and reports to Fleet Managers to monitor geographical hotspots and fleet-wide trends and performance with fleet-wide analysis of risk zones and how weigh stations impact your operations.

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Drivewyze Safety+

It shows you when there’s a downgrade, it shows you when there’s a sharp curve, you don’t have to guess. So for me, loving to drive at night, it’s what is necessary.

Angelique Temple,

Professional Driver, Tornado Transport

Drivewyze Safety+

I can’t recommend Safety+ enough. Not only does it allow me to take control of in-cab safety messaging, it gives me access to fleet-wide and driver-specific safety insights and proactive driver-coaching tools.

Derek Ohata,

Senior Director of Compliance, C.R. England

Drivewyze Safety+

Severe Weather Alerts take what we and others were doing manually and builds it out exponentially. It’s something that’s going to have an impact on reducing accidents, while making life easier for drivers behind the wheel.

Daniel Patterson,

Director of Safety, Western Express

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