Drive with North America’s Largest Weigh Station Bypass Provider.

Receive bypasses at over 830 sites in 45 states and provinces, including:

548 fixed weigh stations and inspection sites

287  mobile inspection sites

Individual States and ProvincesNumber of Sites
Alabama1 Site
Alberta59 Sites
Arizona8 Sites
Arkansas11 Sites
California37 Sites
Colorado17 Sites
Connecticut5 Sites
Delaware7 Sites
Florida53 Sites
Idaho7 Sites
Illinois20 Sites
Indiana9 Sites
Iowa7 Sites
Kansas8 Sites
Kentucky14 Sites
Louisiana13 Sites
Maine24 Sites
Maryland24 Sites
Massachusetts19 Sites
Michigan10 Sites
Minnesota14 Sites
Mississippi29 Sites
Missouri19 Sites
Montana12 Sites
Nebraska6 Sites
Nevada10 Sites
New Hampshire10 Sites
New Jersey7 Sites
New Mexico32 Sites
New York
North Carolina16 Sites
North Dakota39 Sites
Ohio9 Sites
Ontario44 Sites
Oregon17 Sites
Rhode Island15 Sites
South Carolina10 Sites
South Dakota64 Sites
Tennessee8 Sites
Texas22 Sites
Utah6 Sites
Vermont44 Sites
Virgina32 Sites
West Virginia7 Sites
Wisconsin7 Sites
Wyoming3 Sites

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