Drive with North America’s Largest Weigh Station Bypass Provider.

Receive bypasses at over 830 sites in 45 states and provinces, including:

548 fixed weigh stations and inspection sites

287  mobile inspection sites

Individual States and ProvincesNumber of Sites
Alabama1 Site
Alberta59 Sites
Arizona8 Sites
Arkansas11 Sites
California37 Sites
Colorado17 Sites
Connecticut5 Sites
Delaware7 Sites
Florida53 Sites
Idaho7 Sites
Illinois20 Sites
Indiana9 Sites
Iowa7 Sites
Kansas8 Sites
Kentucky14 Sites
Louisiana13 Sites
Maine24 Sites
Maryland24 Sites
Massachusetts19 Sites
Michigan10 Sites
Minnesota14 Sites
Mississippi29 Sites
Missouri19 Sites
Montana12 Sites
Nebraska6 Sites
Nevada10 Sites
New Hampshire10 Sites
New Jersey7 Sites
New Mexico32 Sites
New York
North Carolina16 Sites
North Dakota39 Sites
Ohio9 Sites
Ontario44 Sites
Oregon17 Sites
Rhode Island15 Sites
South Carolina10 Sites
South Dakota64 Sites
Tennessee8 Sites
Texas22 Sites
Utah6 Sites
Vermont44 Sites
Virgina32 Sites
West Virginia7 Sites
Wisconsin7 Sites
Wyoming3 Sites

Drivewyze is Growing

Whether you’re an owner/operator or a fleet manager with hundreds of commercial vehicles on the road, you know there’s nothing more important than truck driver safety and compliance with federal and state law. While regularly hitting truck scales keeps the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the state highway patrol happy, the delays and hassles truckers experience when they leave the mainline—to show paperwork, record their gross vehicle weight, and prove proper rest and hours of service—can significantly reduce driver satisfaction, while also increasing fuel costs, emissions, and time on the road.

But it doesn’t have to. Drivewyze PreClear is currently accepted at over 830 truck weigh stations, inspection sites, and ports of entry in 45 states and provinces across North America. We offer more coverage at more sites than any other service, which means our customers spend less time in line and get a better ROI. What’s more? We’re committed to growing our coverage area month after month, year after year.

The Benefits of Bypassing With Drivewyze

Similar to PrePass, Drivewyze PreClear makes it possible for pre-cleared commercial trucks and other large fleet vehicles to legally continue past weigh stations. No transponder required! In addition to our large and growing coverage area, here are a handful of other benefits you’ll get when you bypass with Drivewyze PreClear.

Save Time

Stopping at truck weigh stations costs valuable time. With Drivewyze PreClear, you can keep your fleet on the mainline and out of the scale lineup.

Save Money

If time is money, then burning fuel idling in line at a weigh station loses money twice over. PreClear keeps your trucks en route and on the road.

Improve Driver Retention

PreClear’s bypass service saves truck drivers time, reduces their fatigue, and cuts down on irritation. Retention is easier when drivers are happy.

Improve Safety

Keeping your trucks on the road and out of weigh station lines means your drivers are less stressed, less tired, and less prone to making harmful errors.

Reduce Emissions

Whether your company has an emissions reduction goal or not, PreClear cuts down on idling, which reduces pollution and improves air quality.

Drivewyze Products

Drivewyze offers industry-leading services and products for fleet managers, truck drivers, agencies, and others for safer roads, better ROI, and real-time information.

Drivewyze PreClear

Drivewyze PreClear’s weigh station bypass service offers the most coverage of any bypass service in North America, saving companies and drivers time, money, headaches, and stress.

Drivewyze Safety+

Drivewyze Safety+ is an in-cab driver coaching assistant that yields measurable results in preventing incidents, accidents and citations.

H3: Drivewyze e-Inspection

Drivewyze e-Inspection, currently in field trials, makes it easier to speed up DOT inspections, while improving CSA scores and reducing driver stress during inspection.Get the growing coverage you need with a bypass service that can also improve driver safety, and compliance, all while saving you money and time. Get Drivewyze.

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