Drivewyze supports Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement agencies with smart infrastructure and software solutions to support and extend transportation safety programs.

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Drivewyze Infrastructure Services provides agencies with leading infrastructure solutions for commercial vehicle electronic screening, truck parking, and in-cab safety alerting.  

Since our founding in 2003 we have built a reputation for innovation and dependability with partners that include State and Provincial Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) agencies, State and Provincial Department of Transportation agencies, and private entities with Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVOs).


We have developed a suite of integrated roadway sensors, inspection equipment, roadside technologies and connected vehicle solutions that are field proven and available as commercial-off-the-shelf solutions for transportation infrastructure owners and operators.

Our expertise and cultivated partnerships with proven technology providers enable us to offer the most advanced Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) safety and enforcement solutions available in the marketplace today.

Smart Roadways

Agency-Sponsored Safety Alerts

Smart Roadways extends public transportation safety programs into the cabs of connected trucks.  With access to the largest network of commercial truck drivers, agencies can send critical traveler information directly to drivers, with safety alerts proven to positively impact driver behavior and improve highway safety.

Smart Roadways services include traffic and congestion alerts, work zone alerts, roadside service vehicle alerts, and public outreach campaigns (virtual signs).

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Smart Roadside

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Screening

Drivewyze (formerly Intelligent Imaging Systems) is the most comprehensive roadside safety platform available for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE). It offers a single, unified system that streamlines weigh station, virtual, and mobile roadside screening and enforcement operations.

Smart Roadside includes proprietary hardware sensors like thermal brake inspection, overview cameras, license plate readers, USDOT number and hazmat placard readers, vehicle magnetic fingerprinting (VWI), magnetometers, and a host of proven third-party sensor integrations like weigh-in-motion, tire anomaly, over-height, traffic signals, static scales and message boards.

The Smart Roadside integrated software suite offers the most advanced CVE electronic screening and weigh station management tools available today. This includes integrated interfaces, unified officer workflows, multi-site and multi-mode deployment, and centralized management and reporting.

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Central Park

Truck Parking Solution

Drivewyze simplifies the delivery of truck parking systems by supplying, installing, and maintaining a complete truck parking management and notification solution. Central Park provides public and private truck parking owners and operators with a network-based solution that can support multiple sites, even when hardware configurations differ between locations.

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