Find Your Place at Drivewyze


At Drivewyze, we are united by an ambitious mission: to revolutionize transportation safety and efficiency, to reach our vision of a safe and sustainable transportation system with zero crashes and zero fatalities.

If you’re looking to join a growing company that is laying the foundation for a safer, more sustainable future, you’ve come to the right place.


Help Create the Future of Transportation

Each day, millions of trucks traverse our roadways to deliver the products and services that keep life moving.

Zero Crashes and Zero Fatalities

How do we create that future?

By standing shoulder-to-shoulder with passionate, empathetic colleagues who meet the challenges of each new day with care and ingenuity.

With us, you’ll help create and support software and technology products that keep drivers aware of hazards, help them carry out their journeys more smoothly, and increase their quality of life.

Why work with us?

We want people who want to build a future they want to live in.

  • You believe in what we do. We tackle big challenges and mobilize never-been-done before solutions to make the transportation industry safer, run more sustainably, and have a smaller footprint on the environment.
  • You seek a different type of experience. One where everyone, no matter their title, has a voice at the table.
  • You crave the opportunity to share ideas and solve complex problems next to people who will value your perspective. Our collaborative work culture harnesses new ideas, new ways of doing things and propels our quest to go the extra mile in all we do.
  • You want to be part of a team changing the game. We provide industry-leading technology and our ability to reach new heights comes down to our focus on creating exceptional experiences, raising the bar every day, and driving to succeed for our customers.
  • You want to drive. Our business is scaling, and this creates opportunities to build new knowledge and skills by working on new ways of doing things, projects, or with a new technology application. We also get that life can be complicated. Our unlimited vacation time and flexible work environment recognizes the boundaries that come from juggling life and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Our values set us apart

Create Exceptional Experiences

Think like a customer, colleague, partner, and stakeholder. Strive to go above and beyond and have a positive impact on others.

Drive to Succeed

Be purposeful and accountable. Persevere through challenges and seek ways to enable success. Operate with speed, agility, and excellence.

Empower and Lead

Take initiative and be proactive. Identify problems quickly and help tackle them. Have a voice, share ideas, and give constructive feedback. Encourage others to do the same.

Disrupt Creatively

Be curious, explore ideas without bias, and fearlessly try new things. Foster innovation with diversity of thought. Merit ideas, not titles, and learn from failure.

Cultivate Relationships

Build credibility and influence with integrity, honesty, and commitment. Seek win-win outcomes and lead with transparency and high ethical standards.

Raise the Bar

Continually improve and grow. Build for the future, develop capability, and help others to learn. Take risks and aim high. Don’t iterate when you can change the game.

Play as a Team

Navigate with genuine, care, respect, and inclusiveness. Create momentum through collaborative partnerships. Celebrate successes and have fun.