Freedom is at the core of the entrepreneurial spirit. At Drivewyze, we believe you deserve the tools to keep your business moving. With Drivewyze PreClear, your team can save money on fuel and save time spent waiting for weigh-ins – meaning happier, more efficient drivers.

Start Bypassing Weigh Stations

PreClear Weigh Station Bypass Service

Drivewyze PreClear provides bypass opportunities at 900 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites across 47 states and provinces, right on your in-cab device, so there’s no need for transponders.

  • Keep trucks on the mainline and out of lineups

  • Improve driver retention and decrease stress

  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs while improving delivery time

Unmatched Coverage Across North America

We have coverage at more sites than any other provider, which means that fleets who choose Drivewyze get more bypasses and a better ROI. Take advantage of:

  • Bypass opportunities at 900 sites in 47 states and provinces
  • Heads up notifications at every site in North America
  • No transponder required for bypasses across entire network


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Measurable Results and Actionable Insights

You should know how much time your trucks are spending in and around weigh stations, so we use real-time data to show you those losses. With reporting at all North American weigh stations and mobile inspection sites, it’s easy to see how pull-ins impact your operations and how bypassing with Drivewyze PreClear can help.


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Essential Alerts and Advisories For Drivers

Stay ahead of the curve with free, real-time essential alerts and advisories that give drivers more time to respond to what’s ahead, whether it’s a low bridge, traffic congestion, a steep grade, tight curve, or places where a sudden slowdown is required.


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Our Customers

Drivewyze PreClear

Drivewyze has become my favorite logistical service that we use because of the operational advantages we gain through their support.

Ray LaPrade,

Formerly VP of Information Technology, CalArk International

Drivewyze PreClear

Anytime you have to go through an inspection, it’s automatically an hour of down time. With Drivewyze, we don’t have that uncertainty anymore.

Karol Smith,

Safety Manager, BarOle Trucking

Drivewyze PreClear

The decision to move over to Drivewyze has saved our company significant amount of money related to driver dwell time and in addition, has directly impacted in a positive way our CSA scores. We would highly recommend this product and service to any other company.

David Fontana,

Senior Transportation Manager, Autozone Inc.

Drivewyze PreClear

It’s such a great feeling when we can bypass the weigh stations with confidence, save time and money, and avoid late deliveries or potential fines.

Karlene & Warren Reed,

Team Drivers, Walbert Trucking

Drivewyze PreClear

[Drivewyze] has been very good. Drivers are the first ones to complain about things, but there have really been no complaints.

Mark Prochaska,

Vice President, Waletich Transportation

Drivewyze PreClear

Besides the number of bypasses our drivers get each month, the most surprising thing about Drivewyze service is just how easy it is for our drivers to use.

Treasure Phillippi,

Safety Supervisor, Moore Transport

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Available in Your Trucks

Drivewyze works on the devices you already have in-cab, whether it’s your ELD, phone, or tablet, with no additional hardware required.

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