INRIX & Drivewyze Provide Real-Time Traffic Slowdown Alerts To Truck Drivers In Texas

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INRIX & Drivewyze Provide Real-Time Traffic Slowdown Alerts To Truck Drivers In Texas

PLANO, Texas, June 27, 2024 – Drivewyze, the North American leader in connected truck services and the largest public-private weigh station bypass network operator, has announced a new Smart Roadways service with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to improve highway safety using Drivewyze’s connected truck network and INRIX real-time traffic data. 

Through Drivewyze Smart Roadways, 285 miles of I-45 between Dallas and Galveston are currently being monitored, providing truck drivers with in-cab alerts on sudden and unexpected slowdowns of traffic and other hazards. By the end of July, over 3,000 interstate miles in Texas will be monitored. Texas joins nine other states that have partnered with Drivewyze and INRIX in rolling out traffic slowdown alerts as part of their connected truck safety programs.  

The in-cab alerts, using visual messages such as “sudden slowdown ahead” along with an audible chime, are configured to allow ample time for trucks to slow down or stop, as necessary. 

In 2022, there were nearly 4,500 motor vehicle traffic fatalities and nearly 19,000 serious injuries in Texas, which equates to a traffic death every 1 hour and 57 minutes. The latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report (2021) showed Texas had the most fatalities involving commercial trucks of any state, with 806.  

“We must explore innovative strategies to mitigate crashes within our state. The integration of Drivewyze Smart Roadways with INRIX alerts has the potential to significantly enhance safety for truckers, aiding them in avoiding collisions,” stated Darran Anderson, TxDOT’s Director of Strategy and Innovation. “Given that large trucks traveling at highway speeds necessitate twice the stopping distance compared to passenger vehicles, it is prudent to provide targeted alerts tailored to truck drivers. These alerts empower them to anticipate road hazards that may not always be visible ahead. Our collaboration with Drivewyze is an exciting step toward making these alerts accessible to truckers across our state.” 

Traffic slowdown alerts are offered to the entire trucking industry at no cost. Any commercial truck driver or fleet can access the alerts free of charge through a recently introduced service called Drivewyze Free. This allows fleets and drivers — using telematics devices, smartphones, or tablets– to receive an essential set of in-cab safety alerts and advisories in advance of potentially risky areas on the roadway. Drivewyze Free includes access to agency sponsored real-time traffic slowdown alerts and other alerts and advisories generated in partnership with select state transportation and enforcement agencies. In addition, core message sets include Drivewyze sponsored alerts and advisories for High-Rollover risk areas, Low Bridges, and Mountain alerts (steep grade ahead; chain-up/brake check stations; and runaway ramps). 

“Over the last decade, Drivewyze has invested in the in-cab-infrastructure and partnerships that allow state transportation agencies to communicate directly with drivers,” said Brian Heath, CEO of Drivewyze. “Our Smart Roadways services, which include alerts for upcoming traffic slowdowns, active work zones, and parked service vehicles, amongst others, allow these agencies, for the first time, to extend their transportation safety programs into commercial motor vehicles.” 


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