The St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund: Supporting Drivers in Need

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Driven to Give Back: Supporting the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

Recently, Drivewyze was recognized by Samsara as its Ecosystem partner of the year. We were honored to be the recipient. Along with the recognition came a $5,000 cash reward – something not expected, but certainly appreciated. To pay it forward, we wanted to donate that windfall to a worthy cause in the trucking industry, and we couldn’t think of a better organization than the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund.

“Upon learning of the prize money, the decision to give back to the community was clear. We take pride in supporting the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, an organization that aids truck drivers during challenging health circumstances on the road. Together, let’s drive positive change and make a meaningful impact!”

 – Frances Kilgour, Vice President of Business Development & Channel Management

It takes a special type of person to be a truck driver – but the love of the road can also mean some healthcare issues, and that’s where the Fund comes in.

For those not familiar with the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, it’s a 501(C)(3) charity organization that has helped provide financial and emotional support to thousands of over-the-road and regional semi-truck drivers and their families during challenging times. Most drivers that turn to SCF for support are in dire situations – at risk of losing their homes or being unable to pay necessity household expenses on time, due to health complications that prevent them from working. Since its founding in 2007, SCF has provided over $4.5M in direct bill assistance for over 3,725 drivers, providing a lifeline during uncertain times.

Dr. John McElligott, an emergency medicine physician, spearheaded the creation of SCF, when he realized the need for a relief fund to help drivers in their darkest hours after seeing firsthand the challenges drivers and their families face when they can’t drive and earn a living due to major health complications. “Dr. John” partnered with Dave Nemo of the popular Dave Nemo Show on XM Radio and Dave’s business partner, Michael Burns, to turn the concept into reality.

When health-related issues or injuries prevent a driver from working, the driver can apply for financial assistance. If approved, a driver can submit up to five bills, such as mortgage/rent, insurance, car payments, and/or utility bills, for which they would like assistance. The Fund does not pay medical bills.

Beyond Financial Support

SCF is best known for its impact on helping drivers financially during hard times, but when someone is dealing with major health-related issues, there are all sorts of hardships and stressors beyond finances. In addition to the financial aid the SCF provides drivers in need, they offer resources for drivers dealing with all sorts of health-related issues and health and wellness programs designed to help educate drivers on ways to reduce their risk of being diagnosed with a variety of health complications.

For drivers just diagnosed with a disease or those looking to proactively seek a healthier lifestyle, the SCF is a great resource.

Donations to St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

The relief SCF provides drivers, and their families, wouldn’t be possible without donations from the public and industry partners. Our drivers are unsung heroes that keep our economy moving. Anyone can donate, and it doesn’t take much to truly make an impact. According to SCF, the organization receives more than 400 applications for assistance each year. That’s a lot of drivers that need our help.

At Drivewyze, we strongly believe in SCF’s mission to support our fellow drivers experiencing a tough time. It’s difficult to imagine being in a position where you can’t support yourself or your family because of a debilitating life event. Drivers give up a lot to do their jobs, and they deserve our full-on support in times of need.

To learn more about SCF or to make a donation, visit

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