Drivewyze and Bestpass Announce New Trusted Partnership


Connected Truck Leaders Join Together to Keep Trucks Moving

Drivewyze and Bestpass partner to bring streamlined access to the widest, most advanced network of weigh station bypass and toll coverage available, and to help fleets take control of toll costs. 


At Drivewyze, we know how important it is to keep your fleet operations moving, and the ability to get your goods from point A to point B in a more timely, safer, and better way.  

For us, it’s simple: we believe you deserve the freedom to drive on. 

Since day one, we’ve built commercial fleet tools designed to help you do just that, whether they are PreClear, the largest weigh station bypass program in North America, Safety+, our proactive driver notification platform, or our roadside tools and services that help enforcement agencies keep major toll roads safe for all drivers. It all adds up to a cohesive ecosystem that puts the safety and needs of drivers and fleet professionals first. 



We’ve also looked for trusted partners who share our vision. Those like-minded organizations include data providers, government agencies, technology companies, ELD providers and more, all of whom are helping us streamline toward our vision of a transportation ecosystem with zero crashes and zero fatalities. 

That’s why we are pleased to have Bestpass as a strategic tolling specialist partner. Tolls and weigh stations are a reality of our service fleet industry and managing the transponders and tolling accounts can be challenging. What it doesn’t have to be is a headache. Bestpass has built relationships with 50 tolling authorities across the U.S. offering toll payment coverage at 100% of major toll routes — the most comprehensive toll coverage in North America.  

Bestpass provides support, insight, and eliminates headaches by simplifying toll charges into one statement, one payment, and one service. 


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Through our partnership, fleet management and truckers will receive a better experience and smoother service onboarding. Together, we will work to take managing tolling expenses and weigh station bypass to the next level with next-stage technology, advanced analytics, and best-in-class customer support.  

Fleets have unanswered pain points when it comes to toll violations, over-charging, or possible fraud. We are excited about helping fleets and trucking companies take control of their toll costs by adding new toll trip reporting into our fleet reporting service, leveraging Drivewyze’s high-accuracy GPS event data.  


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