C.R. England Driving Safety Forward: The Enduring Partnership with Drivewyze

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A Legacy of Excellence

For over a century, C.R. England has been a name synonymous with excellence in the trucking industry. As a family-owned business that has spanned four generations, they understand the importance of safety, not just as a commitment to their employees and customers, but as a part of their family legacy.

Drivewyze: The Safety Innovators

Drivewyze has always been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge safety technologies, and our partnership with C.R. England is a testament to our commitment. We’ve collaborated to enhance their safety operations, leveraging our innovative Safety+ and PreClear weigh station bypass service to take their fleet’s on-road safety to new heights.


Our journey with C.R. England began years ago when they adopted our PreClear weigh station bypass service. The results were immediate—considerable time and money savings. But this was just the beginning of our partnership.


The introduction of our Safety+ service marked a significant milestone in our collaboration. With its configurable, proactive driver notifications for high-risk areas, it added an extra layer of safety to their operations. Custom alerts have been instrumental in guiding their drivers through risky situations, reducing incidents significantly in identified areas, and managing speed, a key risk factor in accidents.


C.R. England operates a significant hub in Salt Lake City, and they’ve been proactive in weather alert technology. Using Drivewyze’s services to generate custom weather alerts, they’ve been able to prepare their drivers for adverse conditions. This initiative led to the development of Severe Weather Alerts, a feature that complements C.R. England’s custom alerts, enhancing safety during challenging weather conditions.


Our partnership with C.R. England is not just about improving road safety; it’s about fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Together, we regularly collaborate to develop new and innovative ways to enhance driver training, performance, and fleet management, using advanced technologies.

A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation

The partnership between Drivewyze and C.R. England showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in creating a safer environment for all drivers. As technology continues to evolve, we anticipate more successful collaborations like this in the future, all united by a common goal—improving road safety for everyone.

Forward Together

Moving ahead, Drivewyze and C.R. England remain dedicated to working together to further elevate safety on the roads. This includes exploring new technologies, analyzing data to identify potential risk factors, and continuously training drivers to ensure the safe operation of their vehicles.

As both companies prioritize safety as a core value, we anticipate even greater advancements and achievements in this area in the future. Together, we are driving change and setting new standards for safety in the trucking industry, making our roads safer for all. We’re proud to stand alongside C.R. England, a true leader in trucking safety, as we continue our journey to a safer tomorrow.

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