Mike Kelley - Mesilla Valley Transportation

"We feel weigh station bypass is a win for us, and a win for our drivers who get to pull more miles." - Mike Kelley, CTO, Mesilla Valley Transportation   Mesilla Valley Transportation has been a long-time user of Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass to improve fuel efficiency, improve delivery time, and to free up their drivers to, well, be drivers. How could Drivewyze power your fleet ?

Peter Covach - Paper Transport

Paper Transport, Inc. chose Drivewyze for weigh station bypass because it was the best solution for their rapidly growing fleet, and so easy to implement. How could Drivewyze power your fleet ?

  • More bypasses at more locations
  • Runs on your in-cab devices -- no transponders
  • Improves driver recruitment and retention
Now's the time for your fleet to be powered by Drivewyze.

Greer Woodruff - J.B. Hunt

By choosing Drivewyze, J.B. Hunt turned its hard-earned safety score into weigh station bypasses, helping its drivers operate both safely and efficiently. How could Drivewyze power your fleet?

Tim Stueck - Foodliner / Questliner

Foodliner and Questliner switched to Drivewyze because it delivers great ROI and makes drivers happy. How could Drivewyze Weigh Station Bypass power your fleet?

  • More bypasses at more locations
  • Runs on your in-cab devices, no transponders
  • Improves driver recruitment and retention
If you aren't using a bypass service already, or have been waiti ng for a reason to switch, now's the right time for your fleet to be powered by Drivewyze.

Steve Williams - Maverick

Maverick chose Drivewyze because they wanted more than just a bypass service. Drivewyze is an innovative and collaborative leader that works closely with Maverick on their technology roadmap. How could Drivewyze power your fleet?

  • More bypasses at more locations -- which means you can haul more loads
  • Drivewyze works on the in-cab devices you're already using -- no transponders required
  • Drivewyze is proven to help with driver recruitment and retention -- drivers love getting bypasses
  • Outstanding ROI -- Drivewyze rewards your commitment to safety
If you aren't using a bypass service already, or have been waiting for a reason to switch, now's the right time for your fleet to be powered by Drivewyze.

John and Carol Wiezcorek

Owner Operator with Mercer Transportation

"It’s a good system. I like the way Drivewyze notifies you about upcoming scales. I am very fuel conscientious about my mileage and there is no doubt it saves me time and fuel."

Cumberland Farms Transport Head Office

Wayne Thornhill

Fleet and Safety Compliance Manager, Cumberland Farms

“The potential savings I found that we could get with Drivewyze just blew me away. There’s a cost to adding this weigh station bypass service,” Wayne said. “But then I saw the number of hours and the number of inspections Drivewyze could help us avoid. When I took that time savings and plugged in our hourly rate, the potential savings I found that we could get with Drivewyze just blew me away. At that point, it was a no-brainer for me to switch on the Drivewyze weigh station bypass service.” - Read more about this - Cumberland Farms Case Study

Treasure Phillippi

Safety Supervisor, Moore Transport

“Besides the number of bypasses our drivers get each month, the most surprising thing about Drivewyze service is just how easy it is for our drivers to use,” Phillippi said. “And that’s a good thing because while our drivers are good at driving trucks, they can be technologically challenged, especially our older generation drivers.” Drivers who are utilizing Drivewyze have noted the ability to be able to load cars for delivery for the following day before their hours of service expire. It has also eliminated the need for drivers to work into the evenings on Fridays or on Saturday mornings as nearly as often. “I highly recommend Drivewyze weigh station bypass service because it not only saves the company money, but also it’s a great marketing tool for driver recruitment.” Read more about this - Moore Transport Case Study  

Darrell Prouty

Owner Operator with Mercer Transportation

"Drivewyze works at mobile sites where Prepass does not. I received a bypass at a mobile site – I was able to stay on the road, keep driving and not have to worry about the DOT at that site."

Mike Shatney

Owner Operator, Professional Trucker for Over 40 Years

"I don’t see myself driving without it, it saves me a lot of time and a lot of money. Drivewyze has so many bypass locations where I travel, where the other system doesn’t. For me, the reward comes from getting good loads, and the ability to bypass while others are stuck waiting to go through weigh stations."

Wlabert Trucking Truck with Couple In Front

Karlene & Warren Reed

Team Drivers, Walbert Trucking

"It’s such a great feeling when we can bypass the weigh stations with confidence, save time and money, and avoid late deliveries or potential fines."

Woman Standing in Front of Bar Ole Trucking Truck in Trucking Yard

Karol Smith

Safety Manager, BarOle Trucking

"Drivewyze makes the jobs of our drivers and our dispatchers easier because they’re not having to juggle schedules to make up for lost time at the weigh stations. The time savings we get from not stopping at the weigh stations gives us the ability to move up to an additional four loads of freight per month. Drivewyze also saves us about 60 gallons of fuel each month and saves wear and tear on our truck engines and transmissions by not having to slow down and stop at the weigh stations." Read more about this - BarOle Case Study  

Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine Logo

HDT’s 2013 Top 20 Products

Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

Editor-in-Chief Deborah Lockridge, senior editor Tom Berg and equipment editor Jim Park announce Drivewyze PreClear as a top 20 product, based on its level of innovation, whether it addresses significant industry issues/ concerns, and its potential to improve a trucking operation's bottom line.

Smart Solution Spotlight Award

ITS America Executive Vice President Tom Kern

"The Drivewyze PreClear service showcases how public-private partnerships are utilizing intelligent transportation systems to cost-effectively modernize our transportation infrastructure."

Chris Davis

Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for over 15 years

"When I'm traveling on Interstates 85 and 95, I usually bypass weigh scales several times a day. Before I started using Drivewzye, I had to pull in at least once – sometimes twice – a day for an inspection. That was frustrating for me since I operate a safe vehicle."

Alan Germain


"I like being able to get a bypass based on my safety record because it can be such a big time saver. Anytime you can keep from stopping and starting the truck and keep it going at highway speed you will undoubtedly save money on fuel."

Mark Edmonds

Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for over 18 years

"Drivewyze gets me to my destinations faster. Sometimes that means being able to pick up more loads, sometimes it means getting there faster than my competitors. The Drivewyze team is very supportive, and their response time to any issues is real good and usually on the same day or within the hour."

Greg Condon

Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for over 40 years

"In today’s world, there is a lot more traffic congestion on the highways, but Drivewyze helps. If you can just stay on the interstate and keep going, it is much more time efficient. Plus its fuel efficient too. Drivewyze is cost-effective for owner-operators who are battling a nickel and dime situation on a daily basis, I very highly recommend it."

Amanda Jones & Art Johansson

Trucking Team

"Drivewyze takes away that stress of having to stop at a weigh station. You’re also not having to deal with the time loss of getting off the highway and getting back on. Even when we get a few bypasses, it’s well worth the $15.75 per month we pay for the service."

Harold Jones

Traffic Manager, Maine-Based Distillery

"We know that our operating costs are about $80 per hour. Each month, Drivewyze saves our operations about 15 hours per month in avoided delays at weigh stations or about $170 per truck."

Marty Lester

Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for 10 years

"The first thing I do when I jump into my truck is turn on the Drivewyze app. It’s the best money I can spend - just a couple bypasses per month pays for the service. It really is a time and stress saver. Drivewyze doesn’t track me, or my hours of service, or share any of my driving information with law enforcement. That’s important to me and I wouldn’t be using their service if it were otherwise."

Wes Magyar

Owner Operator with Mercer Transportation

I like the fact that it saves the driver time. PrePass is more expensive compared to Drivewyze 'cause they like to roll the toll payment services in with it. It is more of a pain in the butt to use because you have to order the transponder, buy the transponder, all that stuff.

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