Congrats to Scott Smith from BarOle Trucking!

Back in 2014, we featured BarOle Trucking in a customer story – they were one of our first customers using Drivewyze PreClear. We’re happy to say they’re still a customer today and going strong! They’re the largest intermodal carrier in the Twin Cities, with a fleet of more than 70 trucks. “I didn’t even think the state of Minnesota offered weigh station bypass” said Karole Smith, BarOle Trucking Safety Manager, “but when they explained it to me, I understood. Their inspectors knew the conditions of our trucks because we’d been through the stations multiple times a day. They knew we ran a consistently safe operation, so they didn’t want their inspectors looking at our trucks every day when there are so many others that need their scrutiny.”

But what caught our eye recently was when we opened the pages of The Trucker magazine and saw an article on Scott, a long-time driver for BarOle. Scott was named as Minnesota’s Driver of the Year for 2020.

Scott’s racked up more than 4.6 million safe miles since he began driving in 1977. He does things right behind the wheel. But he also does things right for the community. He’s a long-time volunteer for the Boys Scouts, and volunteers in the Minnesota Trucking Associations Trucks & Toys campaign, which provides toys for children in need.

With that…from one safety advocate to another, congratulations! Thanks for being a safe driver and making your community better!