Trucking Calculators

Various calculators are available to assist truck drivers in crucial aspects of their operations. Fuel cost calculators provide accurate estimations of fuel expenses, allowing drivers to plan and optimize their routes accordingly. Tire pressure calculators help drivers maintain optimal tire pressure levels, ensuring safety and fuel efficiency. By inputting tire specifications and load weight, these calculators provide recommendations for tire pressure adjustments. Furthermore, truck weight calculators enable drivers to determine if their vehicle is within legal weight limits, helping them avoid costly penalties. With the convenience of these calculators, truck drivers can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce expenses, and prioritize safety on the road.

Please note these calculators are provided for informational purposes only and unrelated to Drivewyze and its software products.

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Fuel & Cost Per Mile Calculator

Calculate your truck's fuel cost

Truck Weight Calculator

Calculate your truck's weight per axle

Tire Pressure Calculator

Car wheel icon Calculate your truck's tire pressure

Trucker Salary Calculator

icon of a hand holding a dollar bill Calculate your salary

Semi-Truck Loan Calculator

icon of a dollar sign at the center of a circle Semi-Truck Loan Calculator

Truck Driver Per Diem Calculator

Icon of a food plate with a knife and fork to represent things needed for a per-diem Per Diem Calculator

Max Payload Capacity

Max Payload & Capacity

Gear Ratio & Speed Calculator

Semi-Truck Gear Ratio & Speed Calculator

Depreciation Calculator

Semi-Truck Depreciation Calculator