Drivewyze: Finding Top Level Talent in its Home Town

It’s nice to recognized!  Graham Hicks, a business columnist for the Edmonton Sun, has been following some local start up companies over the past six years – including our company. Of the four he chose to “watch,” three are doing incredibly well – including Drivewyze.

In the article, Graham says:  “Six years ago, Drivewyze was another start-up, full of dreams. The Edmonton-based founders knew – between their own software expertise, cloud-computing and electronics installed in all new trucks – that highway weigh/inspection stations could become obsolete, thanks to Drivewyze software transmitting all relevant data to the inspectors beforehand. Forty-two American states, and now Alberta, have accepted Drivewyze’s technology as proof of a truck’s roadworthiness. Hundreds of thousands of trucks now subscribe to Drivewyze’s Software As A Service (SAAS) for $15.75 a month.”

While we don’t think weigh stations will become obsolete anytime soon (enforcement still needs to check the trucks that don’t have weigh station bypass, and manual inspections continue to be very important), we do agree that our technology has helped the industry tremendously as Graham points out.

Part of the equation in the growth of Drivewyze is finding computer science talent, and the Edmonton area happens to be a Canadian hotbed. “We’re in good shape, being in Edmonton,” Drivewyze marketing VP Doug Johnson,” told Graham. “There’s a rich talent pool here. The University of Alberta is turning out excellent computing science graduates. The start-up community is much stronger now than 10 years ago. It’s going to keep growing.”

Here’s a link to the full story: