BURLINGAME, Calif., April 19, 2016 – Drivewyze is continuing the expansion of its weigh station bypass service by adding more weigh stations integrated with weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems. Most recently, Drivewyze added two new WIM-enabled sites in Virginia, bringing the total number of states utilizing WIM in their bypass decisions to seven.

Drivewyze has already integrated its weigh station bypass service with a wide variety of WIM systems, installed by a number of different WIM manufacturers, in Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin, according to Brian Mofford, Vice President of Government Experience at Drivewyze. Plans are underway to integrate Drivewyze into a number of WIM sites in three more states over the next few months, including sites in Delaware, Florida and Louisiana. Many more states are in the planning stages.

Michael Baxter, Director of Virginia’s Motor Carrier Size & Weight Service Administration, says that the Virginia agency is very happy with their Drivewyze WIM integrations.

“Virginia has successfully upgraded two weigh stations with Drivewyze monitoring on the mainline WIMs at our Alberta I-85 and Carson I-95 sites,” said Baxter. “This permits us to incorporate real-time weight measurements into our Drivewyze bypass screening rules. Future plans include adding Drivewyze WIM integration at the Suffolk Route 58 site by late Spring 2016, and at the Troutville I-81 site by the Fall of 2016.

“Virginia plans to replace all of its outdated WIM mainline and computer processor equipment for our eight interstate weigh stations within the next three years,” Baxter continued. “Bottom line, it just saves us money on maintenance and keeps us up to date on changing technologies.”

Because Drivewyze can integrate with WIM-enabled sites, Drivewyze users can enjoy bypass services at locations where weight compliance verification is a mandatory part of the state screening rules, according to Mofford.

“Through real-time WIM integration, Drivewyze reads the weight data from a given truck as it passes over the scale,” said Mofford. “It transmits the reading to a server that processes the request using the bypass criteria established by state officials. It then returns a bypass or pull-in instruction to the driver before he reaches the station.”

Available on Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), smart phones and tablets, Drivewyze uses commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) technology to deliver weigh station bypasses without requiring poles and reader infrastructure to be installed on the roadside. That’s the same technology that carries voice and data over cellular networks. “The company’s patent pending WIM integration technology provides weight readings up to 99% accuracy, and utilizes them real-time in the bypass screening decision process,” Mofford added.

Many states require weight readings to be part of the bypass decision because of concerns with overweight vehicles and the damage they can do to highway infrastructure. In response, several states have been integrating Drivewyze with their weigh-in-motion systems with excellent results, Mofford added.

“We’re continually working to make the Drivewyze bypass service more widely available”, Mofford said. “So, truck drivers who have strong safety records and haul weight-compliant loads under their own authority, or carriers with strong safety records, can expect bypass opportunities wherever they travel.”

In addition to real-time WIM integration at commercial vehicle inspection sites, Drivewyze has also developed a method to access weight data from other traffic planning WIM systems distributed throughout the transportation network – often for transportation planning or pavement monitoring purposes – for the purpose of expanding a state’s weigh station bypass program to sites that have no WIM equipment, but are used for roadside enforcement.

This solution, called Performance Based Weight Monitoring, allows enforcement agencies to use a carrier’s historical weigh compliance to offer bypass opportunities at sites where bypass options have not previously been available. A comprehensive weight compliance history is more powerful than just one data point from a single static scale and it allows carriers that invest in compliance to benefit with bypass opportunities never before made available to the industry.

“Weighing trucks, and truck bypass systems have always been topics of discussion for roadside enforcement officials,” said Baxter. “We are always asking questions like: ‘What can we trust?’ and ‘Are we incorporating proper weight enforcement?”

“Improvements in bypass systems have helped us improve roadside enforcement. Technology change is upon us and is leading us towards a time where things like electronic credentialing, electronic inspections, electronic hauling permits and other electronic documents will be the norm. Why not be part of that conversation? We are happy that Virginia is.”

Drivewyze now offers bypass services at more than 600 locations in 36 states. It also provides heads-up notification alerts at more than 1,200 permanent and temporary locations across the United States.

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