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Drivewyze Weigh Station Coverage Map in Virginia

Site Coverage List

Alberta I-85 NBFixed22
Alberta I-85 SBFixed22
Aldie US-50 EBFixed
Bland I-77 NBFixed52
Bland I-77 SBFixed52
Carson I-95 NBFixed39
Carson I-95 SBFixed39
Dahlgren US-301 NBFixed141
Dahlgren US-301 SBFixed141
Dumfries I-95 NBFixed154
Dumfries I-95 SBFixed154
Hollins US-11 NBFixed
Louisa I-64 EBMobile
Louisa I-64 WBMobile
Lynchburg Rt. 29 NBMobile
Lynchburg Rt. 29 SBMobile
Middletown RT-11 NBFixed
Middletown RT-11 SBFixed
New Church RT-13 NBFixed135
New Church RT-13 SBFixed135
Sandston I-64 EBFixed202
Sandston I-64 WBFixed203
Stephens City I-81 NBFixed303
Stephens City I-81 SBFixed305
Suffolk RT-58 EBFixed
Suffolk RT-58 WBFixed
Troutville I-81 NBFixed148
Troutville I-81 SBFixed149
Turnout RT-220 NBMobile
Turnout RT-60 EBMobile
Turnout RT-60 WBMobile
Washington County Truck Rest Area I-81 NBMobile

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