Drivewyze Adds New Mountain Corridor Safety Notifications Service

GOLDEN, Colo., August 16, 2019 – Drivewyze, a leader in connected truck solutions and provider of PreClear weigh station bypass service, has added to its Drivewyze Safety Notifications service with the launching of mountain corridor safety alerts.

The new service, free to current Drivewyze customers, was announced in conjunction with a Colorado Department of Transportation’s press conference that launched its “The Mountain Rules” truck safety campaign.The conference was held today near the Mount Vernon Canyon runaway truck ramp, near Golden.

“It’s no secret that our mountains create immense challenges for semi-truck drivers,” said CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. “The Mountain Rules has a simple mission – get everyone home safely – and this campaign, which supports CDOT’s Whole Safety – Whole System initiative, is a major step towards achieving that goal.”

Added Colonel Matthew Packard from the Colorado State Patrol: “I want to dispel any misconceptions, myths or rumors about truck ramps for all commercial carriers who travel our mountain corridors — commercial carriers will not be cited by law enforcement for using truck ramps. Should your brakes fail, please save lives, and use the ramps.”

With the alerts, Drivewyze subscribers will have their drivers receive in-cab alerts of upcoming safe locations to pull over for brake check inspections, and see prompts to gear low while showing suggested maximum speeds down steep grades. It will also alert drivers of upcoming runaway ramps. Colorado is Drivewyze’s first state in the new alert program – seven Colorado mountain passes are part of the Drivewyze Safety Notifications package, with 22 more states to follow by the end of August.

According to Brian Mofford, VP of Government Experience at Drivewyze, Colorado’s I-70 west, which goes from Vail Pass from the west, through Eisenhower Tunnel (elevation 11,158) to Mt. Vernon Canyon to the east, represents 60 miles of difficult driving. “It’s a challenge for truck drivers with steep grades and heavy traffic – especially for those new to mountain driving,” he said. “Drivers have to be in tune with their surroundings, check their brakes and be prepared for constant downshifting and speed control. Brakes can get hot and fail for those who are not ready. It’s why we also have notifications for runaway ramps as a last resort safeguard for a safe stop. Our alerts will help keep preparations top of mind to help keep truck drivers and the motoring public safer.”

I-70 is known as having one of the country’s most difficult passes for truck drivers. An out-of-control runaway truck in April slammed into stopped traffic near Lakewood, killing four people. Other tragedies have been averted thanks to truck drivers using the corridor’s five runaway truck ramps along the route. Testament to usage: The Lower Straight Creek runaway truck ramp along westbound I-70 at milepost 211.83 is the most used truck ramp in the United States – on average, being used once a week during the summer months.

“The goal is to not have to use the ramps at all, by having drivers better prepared,” said Mofford. “Our alerts will keep safety front and center and prompt drivers to check their brakes, allowing them to cool down, and remind them to downshift to a lower gear.”

In addition to I-70, Drivewyze is providing alerts for Rabbit Ears Pass, Loveland Pass, Monarch Pass, Slickrock Pass, Wolf Creek Pass and Coal Bank Pass.

The mountain corridor alerts join two other Drivewyze Safety Notifications that were introduced last month. Rollover alerts, on targeted exit ramps and curves, are geo-fenced at 500 locations in 32 states, while l,500 low bridge warnings are given to drivers approaching bridges in the United States, with 300 more just added on Canadian roadways.

For Dennis Atencio, Apex Transportation’s vice president of risk management, the rollover and low bridge alerts, and now mountain alerts, are a welcome site. “We signed up for them right away when they were first announced,” he said. “The visual and verbal warning cues in the cab will help our drivers. We run 71 trucks in a flatbed operation out of Colorado. When it comes to mountain passes, our drivers are very familiar with how to drive properly – driving the mountains is in our blood. I’ve driven trucks over passes throughout the country – and nothing is as challenging as what Colorado has. If you’re not familiar with mountain driving – it’s very daunting — I-70 is especially intimidating. I think the mountain safety alerts that Drivewyze is offering is an especially great alert that will help drivers, and potentially save lives. Inexperienced drivers need to see the big picture when mountain driving; listen to their engine; watch conditions and their brakes; and respect the roads. Things can get away from you in a hurry if you don’t. What Drivewyze offers is an in-cab alert that is already tied into an ELD. Having our ELD and safety notifications all on one device simplifies everything, reduces distractions, and brings more safety awareness to the driver.”

Both the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application, and the Drivewyze Safety Notifications service, are available to carriers on supported ELDs and other in-cab devices, through the Drivewyze partner network ( Subscribers interested in deploying the Drivewyze Safety Notifications Service should contact their ELD or in-cab device provider, or their Drivewyze Customer Success Manager.

While Drivewyze Safety Notifications help drivers with safety alerts, the mainstay of Drivewyze’s business continues to be its weigh station bypass service. Drivewyze PreClear subscribers now receive bypass opportunities at more than 800 locations, in 45 states and provinces.


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