Drivewyze Proactively Assists During I-95 Bridge Collapse in Pennsylvania

Modified on August 24, 2023

When the I-95 bridge collapsed on June 11th, 2023, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and New Jersey Departments of Transportation (NJDOT) turned a challenge into an opportunity for progress. Drivewyze and DOTs collaboration resulted in a comprehensive alert system that provided truck drivers and fleet managers with timely alerts and assistance, ensuring their safety and maximizing efficiency in navigating the affected areas.  

Quick Response and Collaboration:  

When alerted about the I-95 bridge collapse, Drivewyze Product Manager, Dan Haugen, and Director of Business Development, Enrique Cramer, delivered immediately. Recognizing the logistics of the situation, Drivewyze proactively engaged with PennDOT and extended assistance to NJDOT, for drivers entering Pennsylvania. 

Engagement with PennDOT: 

Drivewyze’s proactive approach paid off with PennDOT delivering a solution to provide alerts for drivers. PennDOT and NJDOT acknowledged the importance of such alerts and provided guidance on optimal locations for their placement. Drivewyze deployed alerts live in five sites across Pennsylvania in less than 24 hours from the collapse. 

Proactive Safety Measures: 

Drivers, upon receiving the alert, can proactively choose the alternative exit to avoid risks and ensure a smoother journey The data analysis revealed nearly equal numbers of drivers who were shown the alert and those who were not, with around 5,000 in each group. Interestingly, drivers who received the alert were more likely to exit the highway compared to those who did not, showing a nearly 100% increase in the likelihood of change when alerted by Drivewyze. Drivewyze Safety Notifications offered a proactive means of swiftly guiding drivers away from the hazardous situation. 

Extending Assistance to NJDOT: 

Recognizing the ripple effect of the bridge collapse on neighboring states, Drivewyze also collaborated with NJDOT. Additional alerts were set up in New Jersey at the request of their DOT, ensuring drivers traveling from New Jersey into Pennsylvania were adequately informed and prepared. 

Examples of NJ alerts:


Example of PA alerts:


Ongoing Support and Future Enhancements: 

The PennDOT proudly announced the reopening of the I-95 on June 26, 2023. While this milestone brings relief to the affected region, Drivewyze maintains its proactive commitment to driver safety. By delivering dynamic real-time alerts to ensure safety and optimize the driver experience, Drivewyze aims to empower drivers with cutting-edge solutions that prioritize their safety. 


Drivewyze is a trusted partner of choice in the transportation industry, especially during critical times like the recent I-95 bridge collapse in PA. With our proactive approach, we swiftly deliver crucial alerts and guidance to support truck drivers and fleet managers. Collaborating seamlessly with PennDOT and NJDOT, we prioritize driver safety and optimize transportation routes. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing safety measures showcases Drivewyze’s indispensable role in the trucking industry.  

Next Steps

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