Hurricanes, Speeding and Preventable Accidents – Roundtable Discussion

Modified on March 19, 2024


In the world of trucking, safety isn’t just a trend; it’s a fundamental necessity. The commercial vehicle industry relies on a constant commitment to safety, and to understand the nuances of this commitment, we recently had the privilege of hosting a panel featuring four influential figures in the trucking industry. Rob Abbott, VP of Customer Success at Drivewyze, Ken Resta, Sr. Director of Safety at Stevens Transport, Daniel Patterson, Director of Safety at Western Express and Jim Richards, CEO at KLLM, joined us for an engaging discussion about the state of safety in trucking. 

Stevens Transport responds to Hurricane Idalia

When Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida, it presented a dire situation that demanded swift and effective communication between Ken Resta and his team at Stevens Transport and their drivers. Historically, emergency scenarios of this nature have often prompted fleets to resort to generic in-cab messaging, broadcasting safety messages to all drivers in their network. However, g industry. Rob Abbott, VP of Customer Success at Drivewyze, Ken Resta, Sr. Director of Safety at Stevens Transport demonstrated a more strategic and data-driven approach. 

24 hours prior to the hurricane’s landfall, Ken Resta and his team carefully examined the storm’s projected path. Leveraging their dispatch system, they analyzed truck movements within the affected region. With this information in hand, Stevens Transport implemented a geofencing strategy, marking out five specific critical locations within the hurricane’s path. 

This innovative approach enabled them to send customized alerts to drivers as they crossed these predetermined safe havens. The result was a remarkable success: no losses or misplaced equipment during the hurricane, underscoring the immense value of data-driven decision-making in real-world emergency scenarios. 

Western Express’ Innovative approach to Speeding 

Speed has always been a significant concern in the trucking industry. Daniel Patterson from Western Express discussed innovative techniques they’ve adopted to combat speeding, including the implementation of an adapted speed limiter. The key to their success was educating their drivers on this technology, ensuring its acceptance. As a result, Western Express saw a 20% reduction in violations from a CSA standpoint. 

Rob Abbott further emphasized Western Express’ unique approach to safety by using an array of custom alerts. These pop up on drivers’ ELDs or mobile devices, providing specific guidance such as Secure Coils Immediately! Always Use Tarp Station! or Inspection Site Ahead, helping drivers stay vigilant on the road. 

KLLM believes in Software Technology 

Jim Richards, the Chief Executive Officer of KLLM,, brought forth an intriguing viewpoint on safety within the trucking industry. He placed considerable emphasis on the instrumental role of software technology in aiding KLLM drivers in mitigating conditions that contribute to accidents. A particular highlight of his discussion was the proactive outcomes facilitated by Drivewyze safety alerts. 

In describing the evolving landscape of safety, Jim noted, “With the technologies we have today, many incidents that might have been considered non-preventable in years past can now be regarded as preventable accidents.” This statement underscores the transformative impact of cutting-edge technologies on enhancing safety measures in trucking. 

The Role of Drivewyze in Enhancing Safety 

Jim pointed out how Drivewyze safety alerts are a key component of this transformation. They proactively offer drivers both visual and verbal cues, a departure from the conventional roadway signs of the past. This innovative approach serves as a significantly more effective means of alerting drivers to potential safety hazards, ultimately contributing to a safer and more secure environment for all road users. 

In the trucking industry, safety isn’t just a box to tick… 

…it’s a commitment to the well-being of drivers and the efficiency of operations. These industry leaders show that with the right mix of technology, education, and strategic thinking, we can continue to improve safety in trucking and ensure a better future for all involved. As we look ahead to the new year, their insights serve as a beacon of guidance for the industry. 

Watch the full webinar here. 

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