Drivewyze Partners with Verizon Connect to Offer Connected Truck Services

PreClear Weigh Station Bypass and Safety+ Now on Verizon Connect Marketplace

DALLAS, Aug. 4, 2022 — Drivewyze, the leader in connected truck services and operator of the largest public-private weigh station bypass network in North America, today announced it has partnered with Verizon Connect, a leader in fleet management technology, to provide Verizon Connect Reveal customers with integrated access to Drivewyze weigh station bypass and Drivewyze Safety+ services.

Verizon Connect Drivewyze

With this integration, Verizon Connect customers can access Drivewyze through the Verizon Connect marketplace, allowing vehicle and driver data to automatically sync to Drivewyze applications. This simplifies the onboarding process and delivers real-time bypass opportunities to Verizon Connect customers while improving the driver experience.

“Verizon Connect is well-established in our industry and we’re thrilled to partner with them to provide our mutual customers integrated access to our offerings,” Gavin Henry, Drivewyze vice president of business development & channel management.

“Drivewyze provides seamless access to its services that help improve operating efficiencies and enable companies to focus on driver safety,” said Erin Cave, Verizon Connect director of product management. “Weigh station bypasses are an easy and effective way for fleets and owner/operators to reduce operating expenses, fuel costs, and improve driver productivity.”

With Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service enabled, Verizon Connect customers can receive bypass opportunities at more than 800 locations in 45 states and provinces. Since no transponders are required, activation of Drivewyze on the Verizon Connect platform can be done quickly, with bypass information displayed on smartphones or tablets.

Once activated, driver and vehicle data from Verizon Connect are automatically synced to Drivewyze and consolidated with additional data points, like safety scores and registration, and transmitted to the weigh station. This information is then calculated against the bypass criteria established by the state or province. If the carrier and vehicle pass the criteria, at one mile out, the driver receives permission to bypass the site on their mobile device. The better the fleet’s safety score, the more bypasses typically granted.

Subscribers to Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass can also activate Drivewyze Safety Notifications, a free service that provides safety notifications for high rollover areas, mountain corridors, and low bridges. In addition, fleets can subscribe to Drivewyze Safety+, an extension of Drivewyze Safety Notifications. The service provides fleets and drivers with additional safety notifications and back-office tools for fleets to create their own customized driver alerts, plus offers safety analytics to monitor driver behavior and driver coaching.

About Drivewyze Inc.:
Drivewyze Inc. offers embedded cross-platform connected truck solutions that span North America to serve a broad spectrum of the trucking industry. Drivewyze has moved the trucking industry forward with disruptive technologies designed to improve commercial transportation safety and efficiency. Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services, such as the Drivewyze FPreClear weigh station bypass service, Drivewyze Safety+, Drivewyze Safety Notifications, and data intelligence, via Drivewyze Insights. To learn more about Drivewyze, visit

About Verizon Connect:
Verizon Connect is guiding a connected world on the go by automating, improving and revolutionizing the way people, vehicles and things move through the world. The full suite of industry-defining solutions and services puts innovation, automation and connected data to work for customers and helps them be safer, more efficient and more productive. For more information, visit

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Drivewyze is a leader in connected truck services. We have helped thousands of fleets improve fleet efficiency and safety outcomes towards our vision of zero crashes and zero fatalities.

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  3. Drivewyze Safety+ - Premium safety solution for fleets that comes with custom zone alerts, severe weather alerts and a lot more. Request a demo or a free trial today!
  4. Drivewyze Mobile Apps - Owner-operators can sign up for a free 30-day trial for the Drivewyze PreClear app on iOS and Android and start receiving bypasses in 900 sites across 47 states and provinces.
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