Greer Woodruff – J.B. Hunt

"The ROI is amazing" - Greer Woodruff

By choosing Drivewyze, J.B. Hunt turned its hard-earned safety score into weigh station bypasses, helping its drivers operate both safely and efficiently. How could Drivewyze power your fleet?

  • More bypasses at more locations — which means you can haul more loads and increase your productivity
  • Drivewyze works on the in-cab devices you’re already using — no transponders required
  • Drivewyze is proven to help with driver recruitment and retention — drivers love getting bypasses
  • More than just a bypass provider — Drivewyze supports your strategic vision and is your connected truck platform for the future

Drivewyze has reinvented the underserved weigh station bypass market with better technology and twice the service coverage. If you aren’t using a bypass service already, or have been waiting for a reason to switch, now’s the right time for your fleet to be powered by Drivewyze.

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