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Drivewyze Weigh Station Coverage Map in Ontario

Site Coverage List

Alfred Hwy-17 EBFixed
Alfred Hwy-17 WBFixed
Bowmanville Hwy-401 WBFixed
Casselman Trans-Canada-Hwy WBFixed
Cochrane HWY-11 EBFixed
Cochrane HWY-11 NAFixed
ETR Hwy-407 WBFixed
Gananoque Hwy-401 EBFixed
Glen Tay HWY-7 EBFixed
Glen Tay HWY-7 WBFixed
Gravenhurst Hwy-11 SBFixed
Hearst HWY-11 EBFixed
Hearst HWY-11 WBFixed
Heyden HWY-17 NBFixed
Heyden HWY-17 SBFixed
Kemptville Hwy 416 SBFixed
King Hwy-400 NBFixed
Lancaster Hwy-401 WBFixed
New Liskeard HWY-11 NBFixed
New Liskeard HWY-11 SBFixed
North Bay West HWY-17 WBFixed
Northshore S HWY-17 EBFixed
Northshore S HWY-17 NAFixed
Oakville Hwy-403 NBFixed
Oakville Hwy-403 SBFixed
Putnam Hwy-401 EBFixed
Putnam Hwy-401 WBFixed
Rush Bay Road HWY-17 EBFixed
Rush Bay Road HWY-17 WBFixed
Sarnia South Hwy-402 EBFixed
Spruce River Road Hwy-527 NBFixed
Spruce River Road Hwy-527 SBFixed
Thunder Bay North Hwy-102 EBFixed
Thunder Bay North Hwy-102 WBFixed
Thunder Bay South HWY-11 EBFixed
Thunder Bay South HWY-11 WBFixed
Vermillion Bay HWY-17 EBFixed
Vermillion Bay HWY-17 NAFixed
Victoria Hwy-10 SBFixed
Vineland Queen-Elizabeth-Way WBFixed
Wasi North HWY-11 NBFixed
Wasi South Hwy-11 SBFixed
Whitby HWY-401 EBFixed
Windsor South Hwy-401 EBFixed

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