Drivewyze Insights – The New Safety Summary Report

Over the last several years, Drivewyze has built an advanced connected vehicle platform, and we are leveraging our data analytics expertise to bring the Insights Safety Summary to our customers as an added value service. Our goal is to help our customers improve their safety records, get better bypass rates, and continue to improve overall transportation safety.

  • Do you know what’s driving your safety score down?
  • Do you know, geographically, where your most serious violations are taking place?
  • Do you know how your safety record compares to other fleets?

The Drivewyze Insights Safety Summary provides you with the answers. Drivewyze crunches the numbers and drills down into your safety data for you, providing you with actionable intelligence that you can use to improve your safety and maintenance program.

We Drill Down into Your Data

Unlike the FMCSA SMS portal, which only reports the states in which inspections are occurring, the Insights Safety Summary shows you the counties in which the highest number of violations are occurring. This arms you with actionable intelligence you can use to get to the root cause.

We Highlight Crucial Violations

The Insights Safety Summary identifies the top violation causes that might have the biggest impact on your CSA score. We bring these violations to light, so that you don’t need to dig them out of reams of data on the SMS portal.

Early Access to Information

The Drivewyze Insights Safety Summary provides carriers with access to inspection and violation information as much as 3 or 4 weeks sooner than it is otherwise available to them through the FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) portal.

Benchmark Your Violations

The Insights Safety Summary’s peer comparison is also something that carriers cannot access through any other system. It shows them whether a high increase in violations in a certain area, for example, is something unique to them, or if most other carriers in their peer group are doing better or worse in the same area. If they see that other fleets are faring better, then the carrier knows that there is room for them to improve, and an opportunity for them to apply best practices to avoid similar violations in the future.

The Drivewyze Insights Safety Summary is provided as a free service to Drivewyze PreClear Customers.

The Drivewyze Insight Safety Summary Report:

  • Summarizes where you are being inspected most and which violations are having the greatest impact on your safety score
  • Helps you understand what may be affecting your Inspection Selection System (ISS) Score – which for most states is the primary method of determining your bypass rate
  • Provides insight on how your fleet compares to similarly sized fleets
  • Is delivered monthly along with your other Drivewyze reports
  • Is provided to Drivewyze customers as an added value service, at no additional cost

Please contact your Drivewyze Customer Success Manager today, to start receiving your Drivewyze Insight Safety Summary Report.