Features and Benefits

Drivewyze is an innovative weigh station app proven to save drivers and fleets time and money. Available on iOS, Android and select in-cab devices, Drivewyze is improving highway safety and revolutionizing the transportation industry.

Drivewyze Benefits

Save Time and Money
Save your on-duty time for driving – not sitting in lineups or inspections.

Avoid Weigh Station Hassles
Do you love inspections? We didn’t think so. So take away some of the stress by receiving bypasses 50% – 98% of the time, based on your carrier safety score.

Improve Road Safety
Stay safe on the mainline – no lane changes, no dangerous lineups on the highway, and no merging back into traffic.

Deliver Loads Faster
Beat your competitors to destinations and get home faster, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Drivewyze Features

Easy to Use
Just download the app, start your trial, and get driving! No transponder necessary.

Privacy protected
We encrypt all wireless communications to protect your privacy, and we don’t share your location or personal information with any third parties including law enforcement. Law enforcement cannot use Drivewyze for speed enforcement, and we do not collect or share Hours of Service information.

The Very Best Customer Service
Free, unlimited phone and email support from the best Customer Support team in the biz’.

Hands Free
Drivewyze is a hands free service that is compliant with FMCSA and state distracted driving laws. Automated audible & visual commands will alert you, so there’s no need for driver interaction.

Battery & Data Friendly
Drivewyze won’t use up your battery life and is optimized to keep your data costs low, so it won’t drive up your data bill.

Runs in the Background
Drivewyze runs in the background, so you can use other important apps (such as truck navigation) when necessary.

More Bypasses at More Locations
Drivewyze is the largest weigh station bypass program in America  – which means Drivewyze customers get more bypasses. Drivewyze provides bypasses at temporary or mobile “pop-up” inspection sites, as well as at fixed weigh stations. Enjoy bypasses in states that have never had a bypass program before!

Free Trial
Try the Drivewyze Bypass Service for 30 days, to see if it’s right for you!

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