Drivewyze Florida Ag Bypass Program – Benefits, Terms & Conditions

About the Drivewyze Florida Agriculture Bypass Program

Bypass services at Florida Agriculture sites are included as an added value, on top of the standard Drivewyze bypass subscription, at no additional cost. All Drivewyze subscribers are eligible to participate and receive bypasses at Florida Agriculture Sites, but carrier consent to participate must be obtained first.

Benefits of the Drivewyze Florida Agriculture Bypass Program

Florida law requires all commercial trucks to pull-in and report to all of Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) inspection sites – whether or not they are hauling agriculture loads. FDACS operates both an agricultural screening program and a Bill of Lading (BOL) program. All drivers are interviewed to screen for agricultural loads and to collect BOLs for taxable goods (i.e. construction materials) with delivery destinations in the state of Florida. This is a time consuming process for drivers – particularly if they are not typically hauling agriculture or taxable loads.

Trucks that are enrolled in the Drivewyze bypass program do not have to pull into Florida Agriculture inspection sites unless they are hauling an agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture or livestock materials load, or unless they are hauling an empty or loaded reefer unit. This means that drivers can spend more time on the mainline, and less time standing in line and handling paperwork.

At all Florida Ag sites, vehicles that are enrolled in Drivewyze are automatically screened for compliance, using the same credentials used for weigh station bypass. Carrier information related to bypass is only shared at the time of the bypass request and at no other time is vehicle information shared with FDACS. Drivewyze has been designed for driver privacy and protection of data. Drivewyze does not and cannot track any vehicle locations, as the software has been designed to initiate all communication from the in-cab device.  This means communication is always initiated from inside the vehicle at service sites and there is no way for Drivewyze to initiate communication and know the location of a vehicle enabled with Drivewyze.

Program Requirements

Individual drivers need to obtain the approval of the carrier to participate in the Drivewyze Florida Ag Bypass program.

Carriers with trucks participating in the Drivewyze Florida Ag bypass program may be asked to submit BOLs electronically to the Florida Department of Revenue via batch processing in exchange for bypassing the inspection sites. Eliminating vehicle stops and single BOL submissions help carriers keep the wheels turning and stay compliant with Florida laws.

The Drivewyze Florida Ag Bypass program provides tremendous time and fuel savings to carriers. Being enrolled in the Drivewyze service means that drivers driving in or through Florida are permitted more time on the road, and less time pulling in for load inspection or to display bills of lading one vehicle at a time. This is a great time saver for carriers, as it helps trucks get to their destinations faster, and save time and money.

Full program terms and conditions are at the bottom of this page.

Opting Out

Account holders can opt out of the Florida Ag bypass program at any time.  Doing so will require each of the carrier’s vehicles to once again report to all FDACS inspection sites to be interviewed for load type and to submit individual BOLs to the Florida Department of Revenue.

Please contact Drivewyze customer service or your account manager, to discuss your options for opting out of this program.

 Terms and Conditions in Full:

Florida Agricultural Inspection Site Usage Important Notice
By signing up with Drivewyze as a participant of the pre-clearance program, transporter agrees to the program criteria for the vehicle being driven, and must comply with all statutes and rules in order to participate as outlined in Chapter 570 of Florida Statutes and Rule 5A-16.005. Transporters who fail to stop and submit to agriculture inspections when required by law are subject to administrative and criminal penalties. Transporters who fail to comply with the program criteria or otherwise violate the governing laws are subject to loss of participation in the pre-clearance program. By signing up with Drivewyze as a participant of pre-clearance program, the transporter of the vehicle being driven hereby:

(1) Agrees to directly provide to the Florida Department of Revenue when notified, all Florida destination bills of lading in an approved electronic format. This includes bills of lading for shipments that originated outside Florida that are delivered to a final destination in Florida. These electronic bills of lading must be submitted on a calendar quarter basis, unless an alternative reporting cycle is approved in writing by the Florida Department of Revenue. This data must be received by the Florida Department of Revenue within 30 days after the end of each quarter.

(2) Shall be engaged primarily in the transportation of commodities other than commodities over which the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) exercises regulatory authority. Transporters who routinely or regularly transport agricultural, horticultural, aquaculture, livestock or other commodities over which FDACS exercises regulatory authority are ineligible to participate in the pre-clearance program.

(3) Understands that enrollment in the pre-clearance program does not preclude any FDACS representative from inspecting the cargo, or absence thereof, regular manifest and/or other bills of lading of all vehicles at all Florida terminals or drop sites any time, as provided by Florida Statutes.

(4) Agrees that each and every truck shipment which contains or includes agricultural, horticultural, aquaculture, livestock or other commodities over which FDACS exercises regulatory authority will voluntarily stop at all agricultural inspection stations and declare such commodities even when enrolled in the pre-clearance program.

(5) Understands that all vehicles enrolled in the pre-clearance program approaching a specified agricultural inspection station may be randomly selected and routed into the inspection station.