Drivewyze for Android Devices

Drivewyze is the Google Android Weigh Station Bypass App that keeps truckers out of weigh stations and on the mainline.

The Drivewyze weigh station bypass service will help you:

  • Bypass weigh stations up to 98% of the time, at over 800 sites in 47 operational states and provinces
  • Save time, so you can get to your destinations faster
  • Save fuel and money every time you bypass
  • Decrease vehicle wear & tear
  • Minimize weigh station stress and hassles

Drivewyze is the nation’s largest weigh station bypass service — which means Drivewyze customers get more bypasses. On top of regular bypass sites, drivers using Android devices can also bypass 36 Florida Agriculture Inspection Sites!

You can try the Drivewyze bypass service for 30 days free to see if it’s right for you, just download the app to get started. If you decide to subscribe, it’s only $17.99 USD per month.

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Free Heads Up Notifications
Drivewyze also provides free Heads Up Notifications at over 1200 sites across the US, so that you can be prepared. When you’re 2 miles away from any weigh station in the US, Drivewyze will give you a visual and audible alert to let you know. This service is completely free, no bypass subscription required! Just download the app to get started.

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Need an in-depth view of the Android application? View the Android User Guide.

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