Drivewyze Safety Alerts: A Lifeline During Severe Weather Across the US

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Drivewyze Safety Alerts: A Lifeline During Severe Weather Across the US

As severe weather storms sweep across the United States, Drivewyze Safety+ Alerts emerges as a crucial element in notifying fleets about impending dangers and ensuring their safety on treacherous roads. This blog post highlights the significant role played by Drivewyze during recent extreme weather events, providing essential information to keep fleets informed and secure.

Severe Weather Storms across NA

The deep freeze affecting millions in the US has led to bitterly cold temperatures, with high winds making it feel like -30F (-34C) in some areas. The country grapples with severe weather events, and news reports indicate at least 55 weather-related fatalities across 10 states over the past week.

Drivewyze Safety Alerts by Alert Type and State:

Drivewyze has been instrumental in issuing timely alerts during the last 10 days, safeguarding fleets across various states, some highlights below:

  • South-Central Pennsylvania: Faced with the biggest winter storm in nearly three years, Drivewyze issued 7,871 Winter Storm Warning alerts to keep drivers informed and prepared.
  • Illinois: A significant winter storm brought heavy snow and near-blizzard conditions. Drivewyze played its part by dispatching 8,647 Wind Chill Warning alerts and 5,330 Flood Warning alerts, contributing to safer roads.
  • North Carolina: Widespread flooding occurred due to rivers overflowing. Drivewyze sent a record number of 12,159 Flood Warning alerts through Safety+, assisting fleets in navigating the challenging conditions.
  • Virginia: Continued fierce weather and snow-covered roads prompted advisories and warnings. Drivewyze Safety+ delivered 8,429 Winter Storm Warning alerts, aiding fleets in making informed decisions.

The chart below indicates the number of key safety alerts issued by Drivewyze in the past 10 days across the USA, totalling almost 200,000 alerts in these categories!

Severe Weather calls for Safety+

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As the US faces severe weather challenges, Drivewyze emerges as a reliable partner in enhancing road safety. The timely and informative alerts issued by Drivewyze Safety+ play a pivotal role in keeping fleets aware of impending dangers, ultimately contributing to safer roads during extreme weather conditions.

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