Bypass Restrictions

Drivewyze Bypass Restrictions

IMPORTANT Florida Agriculture Information: Please click here to review the Florida Agriculture Bypass Program Benefits, Terms & Conditions.

Drivers hauling Oversize or Overweight loads (even permitted) must ignore Drivewyze bypass commands and pull into inspection sites, in all states. However, note these state-based exceptions to this rule:

  • CO:         Oversize / Overweight LCVs with an annual permit can follow bypass commands
  • KS:         Oversize / Overweight LCVs with KTA permit at South Haven Site only can follow bypass commands
  • MS:       Manufactured housing haulers only when not transporting an Oversize Manufactured house approved by MS DOT can follow bypass commands.
  • NV:        Oversize loads can follow bypass commands

Other Restrictions: All drivers must also ignore bypass commands and pull in, when driving in the following states if these conditions apply:



  • Agriculture, livestock, or bulk fuel loads
  • Placard-bearing Hazmat and Hazwaste loads
  • Piggy-back / drive-away loads
  • Placard-bearing Hazmat and Hazwaste loads
  • Hazmat loads
  • Livestock loads
  • Placard Bearing Hazmat and Hazwaste Loads
  • Private carriers transporting taxable petroleum products
  • Overwide loads (wider than 9 ft.)
  • All drivers are required to obtain a New Mexico Weight Distance Tax (WDT) Electronic Permit upon entry to NM. If a driver receives a bypass at a Drivewyze site, and does not have a permit, they will need to pull in and get one before they bypass scales. Drivers bypassing without a permit may be fined for an illegal bypass.
  • Unlicensed Hazmat loads
  • Unpermitted piggy-back / drive-away loads
  • Livestock and Agriculture loads (incl. bees)
  • All non-divisible loads and unpermitted  oversize/overweight loads
  • Unlicensed Hazmat
  • Livestock loads


Drivewyze has integrated with electronic road signage at 5 weigh stations in Louisiana. At these locations, Drivewyze-equipped trucks will be instructed to “Follow Road Signs,” and look to the electronic signs for driving instructions. If a truck receives a Drivewyze bypass at such a location, the bypass instruction will appear on the electronic road sign.

Sites include:

  • Breaux Bridge WB
  • Baptist EB & WB
  • Greenwood EB & WB