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At Drivewyze we are proud to help carriers and drivers get more out of their hard work. Drivewyze weigh station bypass and our exclusive Analytics Reporting can help you:

  • Save time & money, and increase driver productivity
  • Improve driver safety and retention
  • Make the most of your telematics devices (ELDs)
  • Discover what weigh station delays are costing you

USA Truck – Savings of more than $1,360,000 over 6 months

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BarOle Trucking – Avoided an average of nearly 17 hours in weigh station delays each month


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Moore Transport – Received 6,281 bypasses from January to May, 2016



Cumberland Farms – Avoided 213 hours of weigh station delays over one month

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Cypress Truck Lines – In the first month, Cypress drivers received a bypass 89% of the time

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