Western Express: Revolutionizing Road Safety

Modified on March 19, 2024

At Drivewyze, we take immense pride in our role as a pioneer in transportation safety technology. It’s not just about creating innovative solutions; it’s about partnering with industry leaders to make our roads safer for everyone. Today, we’re thrilled to share the incredible journey of our partnership with Western Express, a fourth-generation family-owned business with a rich legacy of trucking safety.

A Legacy of Excellence

Published by Fleet Equipment Staff on October 23, 2023

In the world of trucking, numbers matter. For Daniel Patterson, the numbers started at 15. Two years ago, he set an ambitious goal – a 15% reduction in accidents per million miles. For Western Express, running a fleet of 3,600 trucks covering over 371 million miles annually, achieving this was paramount.

Patterson, the Director of Safety at Western Express, didn’t just meet his goal; he surpassed it. In a mere 24 months, the company achieved an astonishing 22% reduction in accident rates. The results were lower claims costs, reduced repair bills (thanks to Western’s in-house repair facility), lower insurance rates, and improved customer service, earning them the coveted Carrier of the Year awards.

The Three Pillars of Success: Awareness, Training, and Technology

Patterson attributes this success to three fundamental pillars: Awareness, Continuous Training, and Technology. These components work in harmony to create a safer environment for both drivers and the company.

Tech-Driven Excellence: Drivewyze Safety+

Technology plays a significant role in Western Express’ strategy, and at the core is Drivewyze Safety+. This innovative system provides:

  • – Proactive in-cab notifications for impending road hazards
  • – Customizable safety alerts
  • – A portal to track driver behavior and offer coaching based on the results

With about 1,000 of their trucks hauling flatbeds on irregular routes, in-cab notifications are invaluable. Dangerous curve alerts alone led to a 20% reduction in speed when drivers received them. Their analysis showed a 1.6 mph speed reduction compared to fleets without Drivewyze safety notifications. The custom geo-fencing capabilities of Safety+ have created over 350 custom zones, including 300 at customer sites, ensuring adherence to customer-specific protocols.

Custom notifications aren’t just reactive; they’re proactive too. By setting up “hot zones” where incidents might occur, Western Express stays ahead of potential issues. Their in-house IT system tracks safety-related data, creating heat maps that pinpoint trouble areas, allowing them to intervene and keep drivers safe.

Proactive Compliance and Weather Alerts

When it comes to roadside inspections, Western Express ensures their drivers comply, reducing citations. They’ve also implemented custom alerts for upcoming inspections via the Drivewyze portal. For weather-related safety, custom geo-fencing is invaluable. In 2022, they introduced geo-fencing for regions experiencing harsh weather, offering vital information to drivers. This weather alert system was so successful that Drivewyze expanded it into an automated service, making life easier for drivers.

Tackling the “Big 11”

To combat major accident causes, known as the “Big 11” (including rollovers, speed, bridge strikes, distraction, and fatigue), Western Express uses notifications and speed controls effectively. In New York, where low bridges are a notorious issue, low bridge alerts have significantly reduced accidents. The geo-fencing technology governing truck speeds has led to a 20% decrease in speeding citations year over year.

Cameras for Safety

To monitor driver fatigue, distraction, and provide visual proof in accidents, Western Express employs forward-facing cameras, a crucial part of their technology suite.

In summary, Western Express’ tech-savvy approach, powered by Drivewyze Safety+, has transformed truck safety. The system’s intelligent alert placement ensures they aren’t just “noise” to drivers but lead to a safer, more responsive team. With safer drivers, everybody wins.

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