August Newsletter 2014

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Georgia, Idaho and Michigan Join the Drivewyze Network

Truckers driving through Georgia are now able to receive bypasses at 19 new Drivewyze sites.

Drivers using the app on Android devices are also eligible to bypass 2 sites in Michigan, and 2 in Idaho with many more on the way. Support for iOS and other in-cab devices is coming soon!

The addition of these 3 states brings the total number of Drivewyze participating sites up to 386 in 27 states across the nation.

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Roadside Inspections on the Fly

Bypassing weigh stations and paying tolls without stopping are common everyday experiences for many fleet trucks, but what if that same “no touch” experience could be extended to roadside inspections?

Drivewyze founder & CEO Brian Heath shares his stance on e-inspections in this Fleet Owner article.

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Weigh Station Bypass Pays Dividends to Owner-Operator

“It’s the best money I can spend.”

For an owner-operator that’s high praise, but that’s exactly how Marty Lester feels about being able to bypass weigh stations with Drivewyze.

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Copilot Newsletter

Drivewyze Teams Up with ALK’s CoPilot® Truck™ App

Drivewyze and ALK Technologies have announced a partnership to integrate Drivewyze PreClear and CoPilot Truck. CoPilot Truck is a GPS navigation app for truckers, and the new integration will create a seamless experience for truckers using these apps in tandem.

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Drivewyze Customer Alan Germain Featured in The Trucker

Drivewyze customer Alan Germain discusses the benefits of bypass in the July edition of The Trucker:

“Anytime you can keep from starting and stopping the truck, and keep it going at highway speed, you will undoubtedly save money on fuel,” he said. “It also saves on wear and tear since you’re not having to brake, gear down and then accelerate to get back up to speed.”

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Drivewyze Selected as One of AlwaysOn’s Top 50 Companies to Watch

AlwaysOn, a social media network serving 30 million IT professionals worldwide, has named Drivewyze as one of its top 50 cloud infrastructure, on-demand, and SaaS companies to watch during the coming year.

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Next Steps

Drivewyze is a leader in connected truck services. We have helped thousands of fleets improve fleet efficiency and safety outcomes towards our vision of zero crashes and zero fatalities.

  1. Drivewyze PreClear - Request a demo of the largest weigh station bypass service with 900 sites in 47 states and provinces.
  2. Drivewyze Free - Sign up for Drivewyze Free, the first comprehensive and free safety solution using proactive alerts to improve fleet safety. Available for free for fleets and owner-operators.
  3. Drivewyze Safety+ - Premium safety solution for fleets that comes with custom zone alerts, severe weather alerts and a lot more. Request a demo or a free trial today!
  4. Drivewyze Mobile Apps - Owner-operators can sign up for a free 30-day trial for the Drivewyze PreClear app on iOS and Android and start receiving bypasses in 900 sites across 47 states and provinces.
  5. Careers and Partnerships - If you're interested in joining the team that is building the future of connect trucking, please see our Careers page and submit partnership inquiries here.