Drivewyze – Proud Prize Sponsor of Rolling Strong Wellness Competition

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes far beyond just getting enough exercise.

To encourage healthy habits, Rolling Strong, a provider of wellness programs for the commercial transportation industry recently kicked off its Accelerate Your Health Wellness Competition.

The competition, which runs through September 1, is designed to keep participants, especially those on the road, living their best health-conscious version of themselves. In what is shaping up to be such a challenging year with this ongoing pandemic, practicing healthy habits is more important than ever.

Those participating in the Accelerate Your Health Wellness Competition earn points by participating in weekly Rolling Strong coaching and HIGI health assessments as well as logging hydration, sleep, nutrition, and fitness activity through the Rolling Strong fitness app.

Drivewyze is proud to team up with industry leaders in the fitness industry – Fitbit and AllTrails – to provide prizes to the top contestants. We’ll be handing out Visa gift cards to the top three with the most points, and we hope to see some impressive scores!

So, why would Drivewyze, a provider of weigh station bypass be a prize sponsor for the Rolling Strong competition? How do the services we provide fit into the ‘health’ equation? Let’s take a look.

Time Savings

For anyone that regularly practices healthy habits, like working out, it can be easy to use the excuse ‘I just don’t have enough time in my day’ to avoid doing the activity. It’s commonly used – and sometimes a valid reason. For drivers using Drivewyze PreClear, drivers can gain back a lot of time through bypassing Drivewyze-enabled weigh stations along their route. Typically, drivers can save anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes per weigh station they are cleared to pass. That adds up. Quickly. For drivers on a linehaul route, the time saved can put more time ‘on the clock’ at the end of their day so that they can focus on doing something that is important to them, such as working out, spending more time with their family or practice some other health-related habit that is positive for mental or physical health.

Limiting Exposure

With social distancing continuing to be a fact of life, limiting exposure to others is key in slowing the spread of the virus. Especially now as the number of cases throughout North America are on the rise. With Drivewyze PreClear, qualified carriers are able to reduce the number of times their drivers are pulled in for inspections. Fewer inspections equals fewer possible contacts!

Quality Sleep

The first thing that comes to mind if you’re looking to improve your overall health is most likely diet and exercise. Those are definitely important but becoming the healthiest version of yourself requires improving other habits too. One of those is sleep patterns – there’s a reason the Rolling Strong competition is covering it.

By improving your sleep pattern, you will feel more refreshed and motivated to start your day. It can improve your overall attitude and can assist you in having more rewarding workouts.

When COVID-19 first began to spread throughout North America, some states responded by closing rest areas. With truck parking availability already an issue in the industry, some drivers were left scrambling to find safe parking at the end of their day. In response, we added Rest Area Notifications to our Drivewyze Safety Notifications, which is available to all carriers and drivers subscribed to Drivewyze PreClear. The service alerted drivers of rest area openings and closures so that they would know where they would be able to safely park their rig at the end of their hours of service. Expanding on that service, we recently added truck parking availability alerts in Indiana and Iowa, which notifies drivers the exact number of parking spots available at upcoming rest areas. To learn more about the service, check out this link.

We know that with all the closures and restrictions in effect due to COVID-19, staying positive and motivated to keep up with good health practices can be difficult. If you’re in need of some ideas that can help boost moral on the road and get you back on track to maintaining good mental and physical health, we recently posted a blog that offers some tips – it’s worth a read.

In challenging times, stay positive, stay safe, and stay healthy. We look forward to seeing the results of the Accelerate Your Health Wellness Competition in September!

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