Bypass Restrictions

Drivewyze Bypass Restrictions

IMPORTANT Florida Agriculture Information: Please click here to review the Florida Agriculture Bypass Program Benefits, Terms & Conditions.

Drivers hauling Oversize or Overweight loads, or any permitted load, must ignore Drivewyze bypass commands and pull into inspection sites, in all states and provinces. However, note these state and province-based exceptions to this rule:

  • KS:         Oversize / Overweight LCVs with KTA permit at South Haven Site only can follow bypass commands
  • MS:        Manufactured housing haulers only when not transporting an Oversize Manufactured house approved by MS DOT can follow bypass commands.
  • NV:        Oversize loads can follow bypass commands
  • ON:        Oversize / Overweight loads can follow bypass command

California Screening Rules: Drivers hauling hazardous materials, flammable liquids, or hazardous waste are permitted to follow bypass commands.

Other Restrictions: All drivers must also ignore bypass commands and pull in, when driving in the following states if these conditions apply:



  • Agriculture, livestock, or bulk fuel loads
  • Placard-bearing Hazmat and Hazwaste loads
  • Hazmat loads
  • Piggy-back / drive-away loads
  • Placard-bearing Hazmat and Hazwaste loads
  • Carriers whose vehicles are operating under, or should be operating under an Overlegal permit other than an Excess Weight or Extra Length permit shall report to the scale even if they receive a green light signal on the transponder or Drivewyze device.
  • Agricultural loads
  • Livestock loads
  • Placard-bearing Hazmat loads
  • All vehicles operating with an over-dimension permit
  • All Placarded Flammable loads must report for inspection
  • All drivers hauling Placarded Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste
  • Private carriers transporting taxable petroleum products
  • All “permitted” loads must report for inspection
  • Overwide loads greater than 10 ft (including permitted loads)
  • Overheight loads greater than 15 ft. 6 in (including permitted loads)
  • Overlength loads longer than 110 ft (including permitted loads)
  • All drivers are required to obtain a New Mexico Weight Distance Tax (WDT) Electronic Permit upon entry to NM. If a driver receives a bypass at a Drivewyze site, and does not have a permit, they will need to pull in and get one before they bypass scales. Drivers bypassing without a permit may be fined for an illegal bypass.
  • Undeclared Hazmat loads
  • Unpermitted piggy-back / drive-away loads
  • Hazmat loads
  • All vehicles must report to the first Port of Entry when arriving in the state.
  • All vehicles must report when hauling radioactive material unless an electronic permit has been filed.
  • All non-divisible loads and unpermitted  oversize/overweight loads
  • Placard-bearing Hazmat loads
  • All vehicles operating with an over-dimension permit


Drivewyze has integrated with electronic road signage at 8 weigh stations in Louisiana. At these locations, Drivewyze-equipped trucks may be instructed to “Follow Road Signs,” and look to the electronic signs for driving instructions. If a truck receives a Drivewyze bypass at such a location, the bypass instruction will appear on the electronic road sign.

Sites include:

  • Breaux Bridge WB
  • Baptist EB & WB
  • Greenwood EB & WB
  • Laplace EB & WB
  • Delta EB


A driver that operates both Drivewyze and another transponder based bypass service may visit sites where both bypass programs are in operation at the same time.

If you are using multiple bypass programs, you may receive conflicting messages when approaching a weigh station that supports both programs. In this case, if either Drivewyze or the other bypass service indicates you should pull in into the site, you must pull in if the station is open. You can only legally bypass if both programs indicate you should bypass. For this reason, it is important for drivers and carriers let Drivewyze know if they intend to operate Drivewyze alongside a second bypass service, so that drivers do not see conflicting commands from both services.

If there’s ever a situation where Drivewyze and the transponder show conflicting messages, please be aware that any pull-in commands from either service MUST be obeyed. Failure to do so may result in a citation by enforcement agencies.

If you haven’t told Drivewyze that you’re using a secondary bypass program, please contact or call 1-888-988-1590. Our team will be happy to assist you.