Infrastructure Services

Automated License Plate Reader

The Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) solution provides full-lane coverage for commercial vehicle enforcement violation, and travel time calculation. This high performance image capture system incorporates a dual lens design with onboard pulsed infrared LEDs, allowing operation in total darkness and in other adverse weather conditions.  The ALPR provides plate number, jurisdiction, and a level of confidence as part of the standard message set.

Our ALPR solution offers:

  • Higher read rates at highway speed than any other solution
  • A vehicle identification accuracy of over 90%

License Plate Reader

The License Plate Reader is a self-contained, high performance license plate image capture and decoding system. Drivewyze incorporates specialized hardware and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms for industry leading performance. The Drivewyze ALPR system enables the inclusion, display and storage of these license plate images and decoded information corresponding to individual vehicle records as part of the IIS Smart Roadside.