Drivewyze Florida Agricultural Bypass Program 

Bypass Florida Agriculture Inspection Sites with Drivewyze

Users running Drivewyze are eligible to receive bypasses at 36 Florida Agriculture Inspection sites with Drivewyze PreClear. Bypass services at Florida Agriculture sites are included as an added value, on top of the standard Drivewyze bypass subscription, at no additional cost.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Florida Ag Bypass Program Benefits, Terms & Conditions.

  • The Florida Agriculture Bypass program is open to all drivers who do not haul agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture or  livestock, and who do not drive or haul refrigerated units (loaded or empty)
  • Even trucks that occasionally haul agriculture may be eligible to participate, and receive bypasses when not hauling agriculture on a given day
  • Delivered as part of the standard Drivewyze bypass service — no lengthy paperwork, no extra fees
  • Provides bypasses at more Florida Agriculture Inspection sites than any other bypass service
  • No transponder required, works on your ELD or other in-cab device

How to Participate in the Florida Ag Bypass Program

For carriers who have subscribed to Drivewyze through one of our reseller partners, please contact the sales representative at the reseller partner organization to enable the Florida Ag bypass service for your fleet.

For drivers using the Drivewyze Android or iOS apps: If you are interested in receiving bypasses at a Drivewyze Florida Ag site, you must first obtain consent from your carrier to do so. This is a requirement of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and it applies to users of any bypass service operating at Florida Agriculture sites, including Drivewyze. To help you obtain consent from your carrier, or to provide your own consent if you are driving under your own authority, please click here.

If you want to provide your carrier with information regarding Drivewyze and the Florida Ag bypass service, please have them call us at 1-888-988-1590, or send them a link to the page you are visiting now.

How Does It Work?

When a Drivewyze-equipped vehicle is two miles from a Drivewyze-serviced Florida Agriculture Inspection site, the Drivewyze app will display a visual and audible alert.

Once the vehicle is one mile from the site, the app will instruct the driver to “Bypass” the site, if not pulling any agriculture, aquaculture, or horticulture, or driving a reefer (loaded or empty). In the rare case of a Drivewyze communications disruption, a driver may be instructed to Follow Road Signs, and pull in to the site. A truck may also be instructed to Follow Roads Signs, and pull into an inspection site, if that site has implemented a random screening rule.

You can view the Drivewyze supported Florida Agriculture Sites on our coverage map.

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