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Drivewyze is the only bypass service integrated into mobile and telematics devices from trusted technology leaders.

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Drivewyze provides bypasses at more sites than any other provider, which means that fleets who choose Drivewyze get more bypasses and a better ROI. Don’t just take our word for it – let us prove it to you. Before you make a purchase decision, our reporting tools can show you just how much time and money your fleet could be saving with Drivewyze. Select your preferred device above to learn more and to request your free report.

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Raves & Reviews

  • Marty Lester
    Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for 10 years
    It’s the best money I can spend.
  • Harold Jones
    Traffic Manager, Maine-Based Distillery
    Drivewyze saves our operations about 15 hours per month.
  • Amanda Jones & Art Johansson
    Trucking Team
    Drivewyze takes away that stress of having to stop at a weigh station.
  • Greg Condon
    Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for over 40 years
    Drivewyze is cost-effective for owner-operators.
  • Mark Edmonds
    Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for over 18 years
    Drivewyze gets me to my destinations faster.
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